100w Fast Start SLIM H1 H3 H9 4300k 6000k HID Conversion Kits

Offroad Industries

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Offroad Industries offer the latest in aftermarket HID xenon installations, Our new 100w HID kits feature the new slim ballast, unlike our competitors we supply the latest proven technology. 

The differences of our 100w Fast Start HID Conversion kits to our competitors

  • Our 100w are genuine 100w HID conversion not rebadged 75w kits as they look the same. So check and compare other manufactures as to often we are helping customers that have mistakenly purchased 100w kit however when you look at the back of the ballast they are actually 75w version.
  • Offroad Industries 100w HID kits, use the latest slimmer ballast, has less failure rate and the warm up time is almost instantaneously, so consider some of these when purchasing your next 100w conversion kit.


Key Features of the Offroad Industries 100w Fast Start HID Conversion Kit

Ballast can't be internally mounted.
Spotlights not included, this is a conversion kit only.
  • 2 x 100w HID Globes either 4300k or 6000k
  • 2 x Grey Fast Start Slim 100w Ballast
  • Light output is 10,000 Lumens of Light Brightest HID kit.
  • Heavy Duty Wiring Loom to connect to the factory Loom
  • Mounting brackets and screws
  • Wiring instruction booklet
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Note: This kit will not suit installing the ballast with most driving light conversion, they are slim version however they are still quite large.
  • For our driving light HID conversion kits we offer two choice of globe colours, 4300k colour provides the most output of light and is a natural white, where the 6000k is a diamond white.
Due to the size of the 100w Ballast, they cannot fit inside the actual Hella Housing we recommend using our HID extension leads
they make installing and mounting ballast much simpler as they simply plug and connect to the existing wires.
Note: Cutting or Modify the ends of the kits will void the warranty, as these HID kits use special silicon coated wired normal electrical wire will earth out via the shield and thus will cause the ballast to short circuit thus voiding warranty. Save time and frustrations and purchase some extension leads if your intending on extending the wires.

1 Meter HID Extension Cables $19.95 Each

Shipping Information

No PO Box accepted must be a physical address. Shipped via Toll Express.

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