55w 7 Inch HID Driving Light Black

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Wants something that is already HID converted?

Here are some excellent quality HID driving Lights, they are water and Dust proof they come in a combination of Spot and Spread beam and all you need to do is fit them to your vehicle and wire them its dead easy.

Features of the Lights

  • HID off-road lamps provide extremely high output along with a colour spectrum that is so close to daylight that ordinary bulbs appear yellow by comparison. 
  • Ballast & starter integrated into the housing
  • HID H3 12V 55W (6000K)
  • Hardened glass lens
  • Black Moulded Outer casing
  • Long distance white light Long life 2500 hours life-10 times longer than a normal halogen bulb
  • Energy saving- up to 50% less energy consumption
  • Super bright 3 times brighter than the same powered halogen bulb 4500 +/- 400LM Lumens

Details Specifications

  • Rated output power: 55w +/-3w
  • Rated operating voltage: 9v-30v DC
  • Lens: Tempered Glass
  • Reflector: Die-Cast Aluminium/Stamped
  • Light Pattern: Spot beam and Spread beam 
  • Housing: High lmpact ABS 
  • Hardware/mounts: Stainless steel 
  • Bulb: H3/6000K/Xenon Bulb Life-time for HID bulb: over 2500 hours 
  • Current Draw (steady state): 3.15A-3.30A 
  • Diameter of Lens: 7 inch (178mm) Unit dimensions(L*W*H): 207mm x 257mm x 143mm 
  • Unit weight: 1.5kg per light

Shipping Information

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