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Patrol GQ 6000K

55w Headlight Fast Start HID Conversion Kit suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ

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Offroad Industries offer the latest in aftermarket HID xenon installations. Our HID Headlight upgrade kits are designed to connect to the factory setup with a minimal of fuss. Our kit are plug and play with your factory wiring which means no soldering or modifying or damaging your factory wiring loom.

Why Offroad Industries HID Headlight Upgrade kits differ to other competitor kits?

    • Offroad Industries are now supplying Fast Start Canbus Ballaststo suit the Nissan Patrol GU, they ignite within a second no warm up time, and improved reliability.
    • So often we see unhappy customers come to us to help solve issues with other kits, generally your cheap eBay kits found for under $100 are generally the problem. You may purchase 3 to 4 kits before you're actually satisfied with a purchase why go through all that hassle when you can purchase once and be satisfied.
    • A WARNING to customers with late model Vehicles, the cheaper HID kits on the market have no ANTI Surge protection, this if not correctly earthed or if there is voltage spike damage can be caused to factory computer or modules
    • We provide 12 months warranty on all our products, for any faulty part we simply request it to be sent back and we will replace it immediately.
    • We only source quality components and kits, are put together from multiple suppliers to ensure when you fit your HID kit you don't go through a number of issues.

Choice of three different HID globes / bulb colours to choose:

This particular kit will work with both the low beam and high beam operation, it works by a solenoid adjusting the the globe height.

You have choice of purchasing 3 different globe colours 4300k, 6000k, 8000k colour globes.
The 4300k colour provides the most output of light and is a natural white, where the 6000k is a diamond white and is slightly blue and 8000k has a distinctive blue tinge.

55w HID Headlight Conversion kit suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ the following Models except for sealed beam headlights

  • Suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
  • Suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ Y60
  • Suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ DX, RX, ST and TI

    Features of the HID Headlight Conversion Kit suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ?

    • Suitable for all Nissan Patrol GQ Models except with sealed beam headlights
    • 2 x 55w All Metal HID Globes / Bulbs with a choice of 4300k, 6000k or 8000k
    • 2 x 55w Fast Start AC Canbus Digital Ballasts
    • Estimated Light output is 4,500 Lumens, your factory output is approximately 2000 lumens
    • Plug and Play wiring loom to connect to the factory Loom
    • Mounting brackets and screws, to mount your ballast.
    • Instructions in English, with a diagram of the wiring instructions.
    • 12 Month warranty

    HID Xenon Spare Parts & Accessories

    • Offroad Industries carry a full range of Spare HID Parts & Accessories, from ballasts to globes & wiring looms visit our Accessories page.

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