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2 inch Flush Driving 10w

Aurora D2 Flush 2" Inch Driving Beam LED Light Bar

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Why Choose Aurora LED Light Bars over Cheaper Light Bars online

  • Aurora LED Light Single Row LED Light Bars have the latest German technology OSLON 5w LED Chipset within the Led Light Bar. The benefits of the OSLON chipsets is that they have a higher output to the 3w CREE LED chipsets. The new S - Series are smaller in design and easier to mount in tight applications.
  • OSLON German Chipset in all S - Series LED Light Bars.
  • 50,000 + hours of operation which equates to 5 years of continuous use.
  • Aurora Single Row LED 4x4 Light Bars are build to suit Australian conditions, they wont fill up with water, mud or dust view the video to see the test.
  • Aurora Single Row LED Light Bars wont rattle or come apart, on corrugated or rough terrain.
  • Offroad Industries offer a 6 month warranty
  • Aurora LED Light bars, come with IP68 Water proof connections, unlike competitors bars, HANMA or TONTRON which have have exposed wires, if not wired correctly the cheaper light bars will damage you Auto Electrical setup within your vehicle.
  • HANMA which are copies of the Aurora Light Bars, are poorly designed, they don't suit Australian conditions they fill up with mud and water or they lens comes apart from the body of the light.
  • Aurora LED Light bars come with a fully insulated, wiring loom, that contains a switch and relay.
  • The Aurora Single Row Light Bar comes in a variety of Sizes from 2" Dually variants upto 50".
Aurora LED Light Bars by Offroad Industries

Specifications of Aurora 2" 5w Driving Beam Dually LED Light bar 4x4

  • Aurora 2" 5w Dually Driving Beam is rated 2800 Lumens of light.
  • Aurora 2" 5w Dually Driving Beam will provide an output of 400 Meters.
  • 1 x Fully Insulated loom, with switch and relay.
  • Optional Mounting Brackets can be purchased see our Aurora LED Light Bar accessories area.

Shipping Information

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The Aurora Range of 5w Led Light Bars to Compare specifications

Model                    Length      L.E.D(QTY)  Lumen      Vott & Watt              Beam Pattern
ALO-S-6-D1C 6" 9PCS 3540LM 9V-36V, 45w Driving beam            
ALO-S-10-D1C 10" 15PCS 5800LM 9V-36V, 75w Driving beam     
ALO-S6P3E3D 6" 6PCS 2950LM 9V-36V, 30w Combination
ALO-S10P3E3D 10" 10PCS 4900LM 9V-36V, 50w Combination
ALO-S20P3E3D 20" 20PCS 9800LM 9V-36V, 100w Combination
ALO-S30P3E3D 30" 30PCS 14800LM 9V-36V, 150w Combination
ALO-S40P3E3D 40" 40PCS 19600LM 9V-36V, 200w Combination