August 08, 2023 3 min read

If there’s one thing all offroad enthusiasts can agree on, it’s that going to a different place for every accessory is annoying. Offroaders want to buy from a supplier they trust at prices they can afford; that’s exactly the service that Offroad Industries aims to provide. But with so many accessories on sale, it can be tricky to know which are best for you. 

Where should you start? Well read on, and we’ll try to shed some light on that. Offroad Industries sell a variety of products for many different vehicles, so we’ll be covering some broad ideas on what you might want to consider modding on your vehicle.


Offroad Essentials: Most Popular 4x4 Accessories

Every offroad enthusiast should know the joy of a well-equipped vehicle. There's just something about the confidence that comes with knowing you're ready to conquer any terrain. Offroad Industries is your one-stop shop to feed this thrill, offering a vast selection of top-tier 4x4 accessories that cater to every adventurer's needs.

Let's talk about the essentials. First off, we have electronic power steps. While these may not be a complete game-changer, they provide easy access to your vehicle, especially for those monster trucks where the ground feels a mile away. 

Next, we have our various suspension components. Not only do they ensure a smooth and controlled ride over rocky terrains, but they also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and can add lift and height to your ride.

And let's not forget about the protection gear. Bushwacker Flares and protection accessories not only give your vehicle that tough, ready-for-action look, but also shield it from rogue debris. 

For performance enthusiasts, upgrading with Manta Performance Exhausts can add that satisfying roar to your vehicle while improving horsepower.


Spotlight on ORI Roller Shutters and Addictive Desert Designs

Stepping up from the essentials, let's dive into the ORI roller shutters and the innovative range from Addictive Desert Designs. These are the accessories that add a touch of personal flair and that special edge to your offroad experience.

The ORI roller shutters are one of those bits of kit that, once you've had it, you can't imagine going back. Tailored for your vehicle's rear cargo area, it provides protection and privacy for your gear, all with a sleek design that doesn't compromise your vehicle's look.

Now, what about Addictive Desert Designs? This brand takes offroading gear to the next level. With a focus on rugged durability and aggressive design, their accessories ensure your vehicle can tackle any terrain whilst looking top-notch. Whether it's a new front bumper or bullbar, there's something for every offroad enthusiast looking to make a statement.


Enhancing Vehicle Longevity: Protection and Performance

When you invest in a sturdy offroad vehicle, naturally you'd want to keep it running smoothly for as long as possible. Offroad Industries can help with that, check out our array of protection and performance gear.

Imagine having a piece of gear that's like a personal bodyguard for your vehicle. AVS weather shields do just that. They help keep the vehicle in top shape by guarding against stones, bugs, and other nuisances that might collide with your vehicle during a rough-and-tumble offroad excursion.

On the performance front, Manta Performance Exhausts really shine. By replacing your stock exhaust with a Manta upgrade, you can improve your vehicle’s horsepower and fuel efficiency, resulting in a smoother and more powerful ride. And that’s not even mentioning the sound…

Remember, it's not just about looking good on the outside, but ensuring the beast under the hood is in top shape; Offroad Industries has a range of products to help you achieve both.


Essential Tools for Extreme Offroading

For those who like to take their adventures a step further, there are accessories designed specifically for the extreme offroader. Offroad Industries offers a range of tools and accessories such as winches and long-range fuel tanks to ensure you're well-prepared for ambitious expeditions.

winch, for instance, could be a real lifesaver when you find yourself stuck in a muddy rut or steep incline. And not just for you - it can also be a helping hand for a mate who's managed to get their 4x4 bogged.

Meanwhile, a Titan fuel tank is a lifesaver to have on an extended offroad trip. Thanks to its efficient design, it ensures that your vehicle can go the distance without the constant worry of refuelling. More distance means more adventure, right?

So, for the serious adventurers out there, consider these speciality accessories. Because in offroading, as with anything else, it's always better to be over-prepared rather than under. If you have any questions about any of the accessories listed in this guide, get in touch with our team today.