AVS - Weather Shields

While you'll be able to let some fresh air into your vehicle, you'll also be subject to potentially harmful elements. Rain is by far the most common offender, as it may seep through even the tiniest of cracks, soaking your inside and potentially causing damage. Other issues to consider are road dust and debris that may be whipped up by passing cars and fly through your open window. 

Fortunately, a simple vehicle attachment called a weather shield might be added to experience the benefits of fresh air without any of the negative side effects.

Protect your passengers

Weather shields shield you from the elements outside your vehicle while still allowing the breeze to pass through. You'll be able to wind down your windows without concern even in the harshest weather if you have a barrier over the top of them.

Weather shield benefits

There are a few other advantages to using these car exterior additions that are worth mentioning. By providing a diffusive surface to distribute the effect of the wind, weather shields reduce the harshness of the wind impacting your car. This is especially useful if you want to crack a window on the highway, which is extremely difficult to do with an unprotected pane. Even in the dead of winter, weather shields will allow you to circulate air through your car to prevent windscreen fogging. Fogging may be a serious safety threat, and while many people resort to their heaters to clear their vision, cool air is really the faster alternative. 

Finally, weather shields can provide UV protection from the sun's rays, protecting you from becoming sunburnt even when the windows are rolled down on a hot summer day.

AVS side window shields let fresh air in, while keeping the rain out. We house the best exterior window protection with a quality selection of window deflectors and for cars, trucks, SUV’s and CUV’s.