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If you’re regularly driving out in the deep country in the harsh Australian conditions, one of the easiest yet most beneficial upgrades you can make is adding weather shields.

Whether you’re driving in the blistering sun or heavy rain, they’ll protect your vehicle inside and out while allowing you to keep the windows open, regardless of how rugged the weather is.

AVS side window shields let fresh air in while keeping the rain and glare out. We house the best exterior window protection with a quality selection of window deflectors for cars, trucks, SUV’s and CUV’s.

Quick & Easy Installation of weather Shields For Your 4X4

Protecting you and your vehicle is easy with the addition of weather shields from AVS. They’re streamlined, quick to install and bring a whole host of benefits with little upfront cost or effort to install. With options for all the major truck makes and models, they’ll shield your eyes from the sun and deflect rain while you’re driving.

Drive the way you want, whenever you want. Whether your windows are open or closed, when you upgrade your vehicle with weather shields, you’ll be able to tackle all conditions with ease. For even more comprehensive coverage against debris, combine your weather shields with a bonnet protector for that enhanced look and greater coverage for those off-road drives.

AVS Weather Shields Protect Your Vehicle From All Harmful Elements

Nothing beats the sensation of driving on the open road with the windows down and the cool, crisp air rushing by. Whether you’ve got fresh air coming in while you’re driving on a hot day or can hear the thunder rolling by, a drive with the windows down is a whole different experience.

When you’ve got tinted windows to lessen the glare, opening them up on a bright day can make driving comfortably more of a challenge. Or, if it’s raining heavily, you can end up with a wet interior. Leaving your windows open and unprotected can expose you to the elements more than you’d like.

Weather shields are the easy solution to this problem. With a simple installation you can do at home, your truck will be able to tackle all manner of terrain.

They’ll shield your eyes while you’re driving to deliver better visibility and enable you to quickly defog your windscreen with fresh air without having to face high winds in the cab. For those rainy days, you’ll have plenty of coverage against water from getting into the cab, too.

Weather Shields for Chevrolet, Ford, RAM & More

At Offroad Industries, we have all of the best brands offering exceptional quality aftermarket parts. With options for both American-made trucks including RAM, GMC and Chevrolet, along with Australian favourites like Ford, explore the collection today and upgrade your driving experience.

There’s nothing like American-made parts for American trucks, and AVS weather shields and bonnet protectors live up to the rugged reputation you’d expect.

Benefits of Installing Weather Shields for Your Car, SUV, CUV & 4WD

There’s a lot to be said for this often underrated truck upgrade. The weather shields from AVS combine ease of use, incredible quality materials and plenty of coverage for your vehicle - no matter whether you’re driving for work or pleasure.

Helps Cut Glare and UV Resistance

The dark smoke finish of the AVS weather shields is a simple but effective feature. It helps cut glare from the sun while also helping to shield you from harmful rays when you’re on a long drive. They’re made from hard-wearing, impact-resistant acrylic with UV resistance built in.

Easy of Installation

This means they’ll keep doing their job for years to come without degrading, even in the harsh Australian conditions. They attach to your vehicle securely with 3M™ automotive-grade adhesive or mechanical fasteners, making them sturdy against any and all elements you might be driving through.

Reduces Wind Resistance While Windows Are Down

There are a few other advantages to using these exterior additions that are worth mentioning. By providing a diffusive surface to distribute the effect of the wind, weather shields reduce the harshness of the wind impacting your vehicle. This means you can enjoy a fresh breeze coming through without the harshness that can come with it when you’re driving on the motorway.

Weather Shields Prevent Fogging

Even in the dead of winter, weather shields will allow you to circulate air through your car to prevent windscreen fogging. Fogging may be a serious safety threat, and while many people resort to their heaters to clear their vision, cool air is really the faster alternative. 

Buy Premium Electric Weather Shields From Offroad Industries Today

When you’ve boosted your vehicle with better suspension for harder-hitting off-roading capabilities or added a bar light for late-night work, weather shields are the easiest upgrade for enhancing your driving experience.

Order from the best range of weather shields in Australia and give your truck that custom look with extra protection now.