Technical Help

Do not attempt to cut and lengthen any HID cables in the kit, the wires used in the HID kits have special silicone coating due to the high voltages. If you cut any of the connections this willVOID YOUR WARRANTY.


One light is flickering or intermittently coming on and off.

The following can cause this:

1.    Check the earth, if you have earthed to the body or chassis and not the negative pole of the battery the ballast may go into shut down mode and thus they not operating effectively. Which in turn could damage the ballast.

2.    Check the globes to make sure they are in the lock position, if the globe is not in that position it may be stuck and could cause damage.

3.    Ballast failure may occur when the voltage spikes, this is mainly due to poor power supply or earthing. To test the ballast, swap the ballast from either side of the vehicle if the issue moves across to the other side then it’s the ballast. If the ballast works on the opposite side review step 2 or alternatively try the same process as you did with the ballast but with the globes instead. 


“One head light not working”

·      If you have checked the steps above and cannot find a fault with the either of the globes or ballasts please check the wiring, which has been supplied. Check that power is going to the control box with a multi-meter and ensure the fuse isn’t blown.


“Keep blowing fuses in the wiring loom”

This can be one of the following items.

1.    Check to see if the ballast has been earthed to the body of the vehicle. If this is the case it could be causing the ballast to arc out to the body, which short circuits the ballast.

2.    Check to see the operation of both globes are functioning correctly i.e. they operate in high and low beam.

3.    If the above are fine, it may be the wiring loom or the control has problems. Inspect for any visual damage. If there is no damage it maybe a warranty item. Please then contact us for a warranty card for us to inspect and test the part in question.


“One headlight globe looks different colour to the other”

·      Check your voltage this mainly applies for Driving Light conversion, if you have used the factory loom this will not support the voltage thus you will need to use the loom supplied. If you have used the loom check your battery as poor voltage will lead to poor quality light.

·      HID globes have a work in period generally 15 – 30 minutes of operation. All our globes are UV stable however they do have a burn in rate. Please run the kit for at least 30- 60 minutes if you feel that there is an issue, please contact us via email on including images of the working globes and we will be able to assist you.

 ·      Ensure on the head of the globe tag they are the same colour rating. I.e if you purchased a 6000k HID Kit, it will have the 6000k box ticked. If for some reason one globe states 4300k and the other 6000k. Please notify us as we will send out a replacement through warranty.