BDS Suspension

BDS Suspension was started in 1996 by a business group that felt it was past time to create a suspension company with the best interests of the off-road community as its foundation.

They have over 45 combined years of experience with other major suspension companies, both buying and selling. As an organisation, they’ve expressed frustration at the lack of quality and the unwillingness to go above and beyond to deliver the best in lift kits.

For this reason, BDS Suspension set out to create a suspension company that would be the best.

At Offroad Industries, we are proud to bring you a diverse collection of BDS Suspension lift kits designed for off-roading and exploring. Your adventures come first with us, and we know that BDS Suspension can make that a reality.

If you're looking for a guide on BDS suspension kits, we've got you covered!

BDS Suspension Systems Are Built To Last Any Conditions

You can rest assured that your BDS Suspension kit is as tough as nails. The lift kits are built for off-roading experiences and adventures, emphasising durability and performance. This is underlined by their limited lifetime warranty that comes with all of the metal components in their suspension kits (excluding shocks).

BDS Suspension achieves a consistent level of customer satisfaction through:

Heavy-Duty Components

This includes lift kit components such as high-strength steel control arms, durable springs, steering stabilisers and sturdy shocks. All of these components contribute to their lift kits’ overall durability and usefulness; they are designed to withstand off-roading and harsh conditions to deliver a hassle-free and thrilling ride.

High-Performance Adjustments

BDS Suspension is all about craftsmanship. Their suspension kits are fine-tuned down to the last detail, including springs, shocks and more, so they can better absorb shocks and vibrations. Through this, they deliver a smoother and more stable ride regardless of terrain. These kits are optimised for off-roading and built to endure.

We Provide Extensive BDS Suspension & Lift Kit Options for Your Vehicle

There are plenty of options when it comes to customising your BDS Suspension kit. Dive into their range of choices for your off-roading activities, including:

Ground Clearance

Several of their lift kits offer different height options so you can choose the level of ground clearance you need for your trips. Ground clearance is essential for off-roading, as it will help your vehicle navigate different or difficult terrains.

Improved Suspension & Shocks

All of their lift kits feature enhanced suspension articulation. Through this, your vehicle’s wheels have better ground traction and stability during off-roading activities. Their premium shocks will help you get a smoother ride, even over more rugged surfaces.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Vehicle Suspension to BDS

There is a bootful of reasons you should consider BDS Suspension when it comes to your suspension kit – but one of the main reasons that we put our faith in them is because of their commitment to delivering the best.

BDS Suspension goes the extra mile to conduct extensive testing on multiple vehicles to ensure their kits comply with numerous makes and models. They provide a higher standard of quality control by testing in real-world conditions.

They also believe in professional installation. Consulting with experienced technicians is a guaranteed way to get the most out of your suspension kit – and to comply with safety regulations, warranty rules and overall performance.

Finally, BDS Suspension sticks to their word. Through their dedication to quality and passion for off-roading, they have created some of the best suspension kits in the industry – with a reasonable price point. Nothing can make customers happier.

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BDS Suspension has been produced by people who care about their customers and our customers – you.

They know you care how your hard-earned money is spent, and their goal is to make sure you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck with reliable, optimised off-roading suspension kits. When you want the most for your money, BDS is the only way to go. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get your suspension kits from experienced dealers. Offroad Industries is ready to take the high road with you.