Stealth Lighting Accessories

You can’t get these LED lights onto your vehicle, however, without a lightbar bracket or wiring harness in place to secure the lightbars or driving lights. Without these LED lighting accessories, you can’t properly use your LED lights as there are regulations and requirements in place when it comes to installing LED lights for your vehicle. 

Offroad Industries has LED lighting accessories to suit your needs, with lightbar brackets for single and double row Stealth LED lightbars, great for mounting your light into the roof of your car, to free up space on the bull bar for more traditional 4X4 driving spotlights. Offroad Industries’ Stealth Lightbar brackets are simple to use as you can slot them on the back of the aluminium extrusion of the light bar, which allows you to select the width and you can pivot the angle of the lightbar with the bracket. 

Offroad Industries also has quick fit harnesses for Stealth LED Lightbars and driving lights, designed to be a plug and play system connecting to your lightbar. You can connect the loom to your factory wiring harness. 

These LED lighting accessories are made to make installing your lightbar or driving lights easier, while still providing terrific functionality and safety features.