Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan Fuel tanks are across-linked polymer fuel tanks on the market that are made tough – enough to be backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Innovation, quality, durability, and refinement are all synonymous with the name Titan Fuel Tanks.

We stand squarely behind them with our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty. With our tanks, no carbon steel comes in contact with your fuel at any time – a feature that leads the way by ensuring against corrosion and fuel contamination. Discover more with Offroad Industries below.

Why Choose Titan for Short & Long Range Fuel Tanks?

  • Our tanks don't delaminate.
  • They don't get corroded by biodiesel.
  • They don't have condensation problems.
  • They don't have welds that crack apart if you get in a rough use.
  • They're lighter and quieter than metal tanks.
  • Many of our models are made to fit into spaces that a metal tank simply won't.
  • We Supply tanks for Chevrolet, Ford, Ram & GMC.
  • America’s leading fuel tank provider, Titan Fuel Tanks, is the best in the industry and the chosen custom fuel tank for petrolheads and fuel fanatics. Get there faster with these performance-enhancing tanks. Turns out you don’t have to stop every few kilometres to top up on petrol. Save time and save money with American-made fuel tanks. Check out Titan's replacement fuel tanks if you want to go the full mile and upgrade your vehicle to its highest potential.

    Titan Truck Fuel Tank Replacement

    A game changer for your vehicle, every pickup truck connoisseur should consider customising their ride with a Titan Truck Fuel Tank Replacement. Offroad Industries supply an extensive range of Titan tanks for a variety of models, so the odds are we have the best accessories to enhance your FORD, RAM, Chevy or GMC.

    Leading the way is the Titan Long Range Fuel Tank – Ram 2500 Crew Cab 2013–2022. Constructed with our famous military-grade, cross-linked polymer (XLHDPE), it’s at least half a centimetre thick and built to outlast all competitors. Not to mention its 52-gallon or 196-litre capacity, supplying an extra 79 litres of fuel.

    Additionally, it’s tougher than steel and more durable than aluminium. It boasts a galvanised steel mounting strap, plated and galvanised front support system, rollover safety vent valve and accessories. On top of this, the top-notch tank features an exclusive low fuel trap design and hangs approximately four-and-a-half centimetres below the bottom of the stock tank. And we’re just getting started – this tank has dozens of time-saving features for easy installation and direct fitting to prevent any major mishaps during the customisation process; no fabrication or cutting necessary; just bolt it in, and you’re ready to roll.

    This fuel tank replacement is designed to match with RAM 2500 vehicles and accommodates diesel fuel only. If you have any proclivity towards speed and optimising your performance, you’ll want this truck fuel tank replacement on deck in your garage.

    Custom Short & Long Range Fuel Tanks Australia

    Grease monkeys, turn your attention to the Titan Long Range Fuel Tank – Ram 2500 Crew Cab 2013–2022. This fuel tank is expertly constructed using our famous military-grade, cross-linked polymer (XLHDPE). It’s also at least half a centimetre thick and built to outlast and exceed all competitors. Go the distance with Titan Fuel Tanks.

    Titan Long Range Fuel Tank – Ford F250 Super Duty Short Bed is another epic Super Duty tank. Replace your existing tank with this custom fuel tank for F250 HD and F350 HD models; tougher than steel and more durable than aluminium, you’ll leave behind the rest with this elite tank. Surpass any rival at lightning speed, eclipse the opposition, and show off your suspended truck all day long. Saving you the extra pit stops along the way, Titan fuel replacement tanks won't slow you down, that’s for sure.

    Shop Long Range Titan Fuel Tanks in Australia

    Overtake any other vehicle in your lane and tower above the masses with Off Road Industries' high-quality collection of truck accessories, from desert designs to driving lights, featuring the most notable 4x4 customisation brands in Australia and the U.S. In terms of fuel power, Titan towers above the other providers. Shop now to optimise your vehicle with Titan Fuel Tanks.

    Titan Fuel Tanks FAQs

    What Are Titan Fuel Tanks?

    Titan Fuel Tanks is an American brand that specialises in creating high-quality, durable aftermarket fuel tanks for trucks and SUVs. They supplement the existing fuel tanks in the vehicle, thereby increasing their fuel capacity and efficiency, which can offer a plethora of benefits. Titan Fuel Tanks are known for their high-tech design that increases the storage capabilities of vehicles, as well as their outstanding quality.

    What Is the Advantage of Using Long-Range Fuel Tanks From Titan?

    There are many advantages to using Titan's long-range fuel tanks. This includes:

  • Fuel capacity: the fuel tanks have the ability to increase your vehicle’s fuel capacity. Titan Fuel Tanks are on the larger side of fuel tanks, allowing for extended driving, making it a perfect option for driving enthusiasts or those needing it for work.
  • Construction: these fuel tanks are crafted from high-end materials, including military-grade cross-linked polymer or heavy-duty steel. This helps them to sustain in rough terrain or weather conditions.
  • Easy installation: Titan has designed their fuel tanks to be quite easy to install, coming with detailed manuals and instructions for installation, care and use. They don’t often require modifications to suit many SUVs or trucks.
  • Corrosion resistant: Titan Fuel Tanks resist corrosion and rust. This gives them a longer lifespan and a consistent grade of high performance throughout their use.
  • Compatibility: they are compatible with a large number of SUVs and trucks on the market, which makes them a first choice for many driving aficionados around the world.
  • Are Titan Fuel Tanks Made From Polyethylene (Poly) Material?

    Yes, they are. Polyethylene (Poly) has degrees of quality, and Titan Fuel Tanks uses a higher grade in the construction of their products.

    Polyethylene (Poly) is a favourite in the construction of aftermarket fuel tanks for a variety of reasons. This includes:

  • Overall durability, which is very high;
  • Resistance to corrosion and rusting;
  • High threshold for withstanding environmental conditions and other weather changes;
  • Comparatively lightweight nature, which may improve handling and fuel efficiency.
  • The material’s overall strength and robust makeup contribute to its popularity with aftermarket fuel tanks – especially if those fuel tanks are going to be used in trucks and SUVs on rougher terrain.

    Can I Find Diesel Fuel Tanks Among Titan’s Product Offerings?

    You can find diesel fuel tanks with Titan! Their diesel fuel tanks are designed to meet the needs of people who prefer diesel vehicles without compromising on durability, quality and capacity. Examples of Titan Fuel Tanks designed for diesel include:

  • Titan Ram Mid-Ship Crew Cab, Long Bed Cummins Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Titan Ram Mega Cab, Short Bed Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Titan GM 2500 & 3500 Crew Cab, Long Bed Duramax Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Titan Ford Crew Cab, F250 F350 F450 Long Bed Power Stroke Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Titan Ford Crew Cab, F250 F350 Short Bed Diesel Fuel Tank.
  • Are There Titan Fuel Tanks Specifically Designed for Trucks?

    You can find Titan Fuel Tanks that are designed with trucks in mind. These fuel tanks can include large pickup trucks and work trucks, too. They are designed to enhance the storage and fuel capacity of trucks, thus increasing their overall efficiency.

    If you’re buying a fuel tank for work reasons, they can help you by lowering the amount of times you need to stop to refuel. Titan Fuel Tanks for trucks come in a variety of sizes and models to suit different trucks. Talk to the experts at Offroad Industries to learn more about it.

    Are Titan Fuel Tanks Suitable for 4x4 Vehicles and Off-Road Adventures?

    They’re suitable for off-roading because they were crafted for off-roading. Titan Fuel Tanks are all about enhancing the driving experience. You get to enjoy more of your truck or SUV with these fuel tanks, as they improve the fuel storage capacity and functionality of your vehicle. They’re popular among those who love to offroad because of their enhanced durability, impact resistance and rust and corrosion resistance.

    There are some Titan Fuel Tanks that also come with integrated skid plates, further bolstering your vehicle during offroading experiences. Many of them also feature baffles or fuel control systems to reduce fuel sloshing, which is especially helpful when driving over uneven terrain.

    Can I Install a Titan Fuel Tank Myself, or Should I Seek Professional Assistance?

    Titan Fuel Tanks are on the easier side of installation by design. They don’t often require extra modifications to suit most vehicles – but you should still visit a qualified professional to install your fuel tank correctly.

    If you’re having trouble finding the right person to install your Titan Fuel Tank, contact Offroad Industries today or browse our authorised installers for the best possible help in the industry. Let us help you figure out all the details for your next off-roading adventure.