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If you’re looking to put your 4X4 through its paces, you’ll be thankful you brought along the best-forged wheels available. Offroad Industries is the premier destination for 4PLAY® Wheels in Australia! 

Take your off-road adventures further than ever before with our range of robust wheels, designed to provide a healthy boost in the performance of your 4x4. Explore the collection and experience the 4PLAY difference.

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How Can 4PLAY Wheels Enhance My 4x4 Car's Performance?

Equipping your 4x4 with 4PLAY Wheels is a game-changer. These wheels are meticulously engineered to be durable, lightweight and offer superior traction while significantly boosting your off-road capabilities. Built with the adventurist in mind, they are designed to tackle the harshest terrains while providing outstanding control and handling.

The distinct design of 4PLAY Wheels optimises off-road navigation, significantly reducing the risk of slippage. They provide enhanced grip and stability, essential for overcoming obstacles or rough terrains. 

As far as wheel manufacturing is concerned, no method can beat forged wheels on strength, when measured against their weight. As a result of this, 4PLAY wheels also improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency due to their optimal weight and size, contributing to overall performance. In short, 4PLAY Wheels transform your 4x4 into a formidable off-road machine, ready to take on any challenge.

What Vehicles Are Compatible With 4PLAY Wheels?

4PLAY Wheels have been manufactured in a variety of wheel sizes, ensuring broad compatibility with a wide array of 4x4 vehicles. This range includes all of the crowd-favourite 4X4s such as the Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge RamGMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, and many others.

Whether you own a rugged pickup truck or a purpose-built 4X4 adventure machine, there’s a good chance that 4PLAY Wheels will fit your vehicle. However, we strongly recommend checking the specifications and your vehicle's manual or reaching out to our expert team to ensure a perfect fit before making a purchase.

What Materials Do 4PLAY Wheels Use?

4PLAY Wheels are renowned for their impressive durability and resilience, which can be credited to the premium materials used in their manufacturing process and the precision engineering behind their design. Each wheel is constructed using high-strength, low-pressure cast aluminium, a material that is lightweight yet remarkably strong, providing the ideal balance for off-road performance.

But what truly sets 4PLAY Wheels apart is their forged manufacturing process. Forging involves applying extreme heat and pressure to shape the aluminium, which strengthens the metal at a molecular level. This process enhances the structural integrity of the wheels, making them resistant to deformation and enabling them to withstand the rigours of off-road driving.


Additionally, 4PLAY uses advanced finishing techniques to create a stunning aesthetic appeal without compromising the wheel's quality. From glossy black finishes to brushed metal effects, 4PLAY Wheels combine exceptional durability with striking visual appeal, making them an excellent choice for any 4x4 vehicle. It also goes without saying that each 4PLAY wheel is subjected to the most rigorous quality control checks available to ensure the sustained performance of your purchase.

How Do I Maintain My 4PLAY Wheels?

Keeping your 4PLAY wheels well-maintained is a crucial piece of the longevity puzzle. These wheels are built to last, but a bit of love goes a long way.

Start by cleaning your wheels regularly to remove dirt, grime, and any potential corrosive materials. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild soap or wheel cleaning solution, and avoid aggressive scrubbing to protect the wheel's finish.

For stubborn dirt, it's better to soak the wheel for a few minutes before gently washing it off. Always dry the wheels after cleaning to prevent water spots and potential corrosion.

Besides cleaning, regular inspections for damage or unusual wear patterns are essential. Check for any signs of cracks or deep scratches that could impact the wheel's structural integrity. Also, monitor tire pressure to ensure optimal wheel performance and longevity.

Remember, maintenance is not just about aesthetics; it's about preserving your 4PLAY Wheels' performance. Taking the time to care for your wheels can significantly enhance your off-road experience and extend the life of your investment.

What Warranty Is My 4PLAY Wheels Covered By?

Investing in 4PLAY Wheels comes with the peace of mind that your purchase is protected. The company stands behind the quality of its products, offering a one-year warranty from the retail purchase date. This warranty covers any potential defects in material and workmanship related to the face finish of their wheels, under normal and intended use.

In simpler terms, if you notice any flaws on the face finish of your 4PLAY Wheels within a year of purchase, during regular usage, you're covered. This assurance underscores the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

However, do keep in mind that this warranty doesn't cover special cases or damages that result from misuse or unintended use of the wheels. It's always recommended to use and maintain your wheels as directed to keep them in top-notch condition and maximise their lifespan.

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