ORI Automatic Folding Side Steps

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Whether you want more personalisation for your vehicle or have boosted it with some rugged suspension that’s cranked your truck up a few inches, electric side steps are the perfect upgrade to finish the look.

Make every drive a better one from the second you hit the unlock button. ORI Electric Side Steps automatically descend to deliver that smooth and easy entrance every time you’re ready to get into the cab.

When you start driving, they’ll lift back up automatically, too - keeping them clear of any debris, dirt or rocks you’re traversing over during those heavy-duty offroading sessions. With options for all the most popular truck makes in Australia, boost your driving experience of your vehicle by upgrading with ORI side steps today.

Electric Side Steps With Safety, Functionality & Usability In Mind

Offroad Industries prides itself on offering the best accessories that meet the demands of the automotive market from a broad number of internationally recognised brands. We also have our own range of aftermarket parts, from automatic side steps to electric roller shutters.

Our products work to enhance the endurance, appearance and, most importantly, the safety of vehicles Australia-wide. Offroad Industries Automatic Folding Side Steps are no exception and have been designed with safety, functionality and usability in mind.

Retractable Side Steps Enhance the Appearance & Safety of Your 4x4

Aside from improving your truck's functionality, it’ll also give your vehicle a more custom look, along with a greater level of safety. Installation is simple, with a plug-and-play design that doesn’t require any drilling.

There are three mounting brackets per side, and all fitting instructions are included. You can easily set your side steps up yourself, or you can book in with one of our ORI authorised installers instead.

Aside from automatically dropping down and retracting when you press the lock button for your vehicle, they’ve also got safety features built-in for when you’re entering or exiting. To make sure they can’t ever close when they’re in use, the intelligent safety control means that if you have your foot on the step, it will stay in the open position.

Our retractable side steps are designed for a variety of models, spanning both two-door and four-door vehicles. No matter what you drive, our side steps have plenty of strength behind them and come with a 300kg load rate per step.

On top of all of that, you’ll receive a 24-month warranty from us, meaning that in the unlikely event you do have any issues, you’re fully covered.

Auto Folding Side Steps for Nissan, Ford, RAM, Toyota & More

While many aftermarket parts from the United States are designed for American-made cars, we wanted our range of electric side steps to suit a wider spectrum of trucks. The most popular models in Australia include the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max.

To cater to the local market, we’ve covered all the top working ute makes and models. Explore the range of automatic folding side steps for Chevrolet, FordToyotaRam and Nissan vehicles.

With a plug-and-play set-up, you can easily get your new side steps installed at home. They feature three mounting brackets per side and don’t require any drilling; you just attach them to the OEM holes in the base of the cab. This makes for a smooth installation and keeps the integrity of your truck intact.

Our 4x4 Folding Side Steps Are Designed For Plug and Play

Offroad Industries Power Retractable Steps have been designed as a plug and play setup, the power steps will automatically fold down when you unlock your vehicle or open your car door. They have an inbuilt intelligent safety control if you have your foot on the step it will stay in the open position.

Die-Cast Aluminium ORI Folding Side Steps

The ORI Power Retractable steps are made from die-cast aluminium panels which are anodised and coated in military specification finish to make them corrosion-resistant. The power steps utilise three mounting brackets to ensure a sturdy rugged fitment.

Key Features of Our 4x4 Side Steps

Some key features of the ORI Power Folding steps are they had a load rate of 3000KG for each step. Three mounting brackets per side, a simple plug and play setup, inbuilt safety features, and all fitting instructions are included, and you’ll receive a 24-month warranty. 

We offer Automatic Folding Side Steps for Chevrolet, FordToyotaRam and Nissan vehicles.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Car & 4WD With ORI Automatic Side Steps

Adding automatic side steps to your working vehicle enhances the look, functionality and safety, but there are a few things that set the ORI range apart from the competition.

The first key factor is the quality of the materials we use. Our range is built with anodised die-cast aluminium panels, and they’re finished with a military-grade coating to make them corrosion-resistant.

It’s the combination of these materials that gives them their P68K rating, marking them as both dustproof and waterproof. Aside from being built for the harsh Australian environment, this also makes them easier to clean when you’ve returned home from your journey. To make them resilient for all seasons and in all conditions, they come with a tested working temperature of -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius.

For those late-night drives home, we’ve also incorporated LED lights that are mounted on top of the board. They’ll switch on automatically when your steps drop down, giving you clear visibility of where your steps are in low-light conditions.

Buy Premium Electric Side Steps From Offroad Industries Today

When you get electric side steps from Offroad Industries, you aren’t just getting an easier step up into your truck. They deliver improved safety, a more custom look for your vehicle and an upgrade that can handle everything your toughest drives in Australian conditions can throw at them.

Shop the range from Offroad Industries now and upgrade at home to experience the ORI difference for yourself.