ORI Electric Roller Shutter

Offroad Industries Provides Quality Ute Roller Covers To Keep Your Equipment Dry and Secure

Offroad Industries ute roller covers offer the perfect combination of security and all-weather protection for your tools and toys. The seamless fit you get from our covers ensures there are no gaps for water to get in, transforming your truck into an all-weather vehicle. Once you’re ready to open it up, press the button on your wireless fob and watch the smooth transition as your cover slides back to reveal your perfectly dry gear.

Alongside weather protection, we know that when you’re out on a job site or off adventuring, the value of the kit you often have in the back is high and needs to be secure. Unlike vinyl which can be cut with enough force, our ute roller covers are made from hard-wearing powder-coated aluminium. Complete with a theft-resistant design, you’ll be able to park up with confidence, knowing you’ve got a strong and secure cover on your most important cargo.

Our 4x4 Electric Roller Covers Are Suitable for All Conditions

Our ute roller shutters can go wherever the road or track takes you, keeping your cargo securely inside, away from harsh external Australian conditions, no matter if you’re heading through heavy rain or blistering sun. If you end up at your final destination at night and need to haul your gear out of the back, you’ll be covered there too. Once you’ve wound your roller cover back, you’ll still be able to find what you need, thanks to the addition of an LED light. It comes complete with three light settings to give you full visibility no matter the conditions.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Ute's Roller Shutter to Offroad Industries

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better upgrade option for your vehicle than the ones on offer here at Offroad Industries. Your truck will be more secure and better adapted to the Australian conditions all while looking more slick.

There are plenty of bulky roller shutter lids on the market, taking up space in your tub when it’s time to store the cover. You don’t have to make that sacrifice with an ORI roller shutter cover. We built ours to be different, making our storage box as compact and space-efficient as possible, leaving you room for the more important cargo.

Aside from better security and space efficiency, you can still add extra upgrades on top of an Offroad Industries roller shutter. It’s compatible with most aftermarket sports bars, including RHINO RACK Cross Bars giving you even more space to stack on your all-important equipment.

If you’re handy with tools and like to do your truck upgrades yourself, adding your roller ute cover will only take you four to five hours to complete. Or, you can find an ORI-authorised installer to take care of it for you.

Buy Premium Electric Ute Roller Covers from Offroad Industries Today

Get the best for your vehicle with an electric roller that’ll handle everything life demands from it - from work to play, Offroad Industries accessories are made with Australian conditions in mind. Whether you drive a RAM, Ford or Chevrolet, not only will your tub be covered, but we’ll cover your ute roller cover with a 24-month warranty too.

Owing to the large and valuable nature of your new equipment, we can ship Australia-wide to commercial business addresses. It's important to note that a home that is also registered as a business address will not be sufficient and may lead to additional charges.

ORI roller shutters are all shipped on a pallet, meaning you’ll need a forklift on-site for when the courier arrives. Alternatively, the package can be delivered to the nearest depot and picked up from there.