Rough Country

Check out Rough Country 5" Kit, your go to tool monster truck tool kit, packed with Lift Knuckes, Front Struts Spacer, Front Cross Mbers, Differential drop brackets, Driveshaft Spacer, Sway-bar Links, Skid Plates, Hardware, Rear V2 Monotube Shocks x2, Coil Spacer, Rear Crossmember, SwayBar Links, Bump Stop Extensions, Brake Line Brackets, Brake Lines. Engineered to optimise turning, minimise bump steering and pimp out your ride with a more extended collection of wheels. Customised specifically to your DT RAM; this kit is fitted with Factory AIR Ride Suspension for operating 22" Wheels. Command the road with the additional height you’ve been craving and the fierce appearance you’ve been waiting for. A cut above the rest, you’ll be the envy of every other vehicle in your enhanced monster truck. 

Got a need for speed? The Rough Country Speedo Correction UNIT RAM 1500 is your guy. The finishing touch you need to lift your vehicle above the rest, complete with all the tools you need to make the process stress-free and seamless. This device is super easy to get your head around, and it’s the jump start you need to begin customising your truck. The Rough Country Speedo Calibrator streamlines the job, providing a speedometer calibration device that makes it simple for you to reprogram your vehicle’s speedometer to better complement your larger tires. This calibrator device will provide you with the height and speed correction you’re fiending for. Unfortunately, your truck’s computer is programmed to track the tires it came with, and there may be a disconnect after upgrading to bigger tires—so our calibrator will get things up to speed. Just plug the device into your 4x4’s Diagnostic Link Connector Port, wait a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Rough Country Lift Kits 

Offroad Industries stocks the best of the best when it comes to enhancing your vehicle height and performance, and Rough Country are leading the way in the suspension industry, Australia wide. Customise your truck to be bigger and better, with the help of our lift kits and boosting accessories.

Sometimes you just want to lift your game; go off road, off the map, off the beaten path, and these are the tools you need to take your truck to the next level.

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