Ford F150 - 2021 - 2023

Upgrade Your Ford F150's Performance & Appearance

Offroad Industries has everything you need, from wheels and fender flares to roller shutters and lift kits, you can upgrade both performance and appearance in one. Whether you’re upgrading your working vehicle so it can handle more rugged terrain or simply want to maintain the pristine appearance of your truck with Bushwacker F150 fender flares or weather and bug shields, you’ve got plenty of choices in brands and styles to give you the perfect look that’ll be able to withstand everything you throw at your truck daily.

ORI Provides Lift Kits, Electric Roller Shutters, and Custom Wheels for Ford F150s

To make the most of your truck’s power and increase its elevation and clearance on-road or off, you’ll want a lift kit. A Ford F150 suspension upgrade gives you a more commanding presence and aggressive-looking profile, taking your vehicle from a regular truck to a beast.

Offroad Industries also has a range of F150 electric roller shutters for your tub. Not only do they keep the look of your truck tidy, but electric roller shutters keep your most valuable cargo safe, dry and secure. You’ll be ready to tackle whatever the tracks and Australian weather can throw at you, knowing all the gear you need to take on the journey safely in the back.

For that finishing touch, consider adding custom wheels for a bold look that sets your truck apart from the rest. Explore our range of custom wheels that come in a range of finishes and styles, made from durable yet lightweight materials for a smooth ride to give you the drive of your life every time you get behind the wheel.

Ford F150 Parts From Quality Brands Such As Fox, Addictive Desert, 4 Play and Much More

Offroad Industries is proud to stock the best F150 accessories in Australia from the brands that design and build truck accessories with endurance and resilience in mind.

Explore the built-to-last range from Fox Suspension. Tested to their absolute limits to ensure they can handle even the toughest environments and drives, you’ll experience a whole new way of driving with a Fox lift kit. Constructed from aluminium, they dissipate heat more effectively, and their lightweight structure won’t weigh your truck down.

Addictive Desert adds that extra tough edge to your F150 with a range of winch bars, bumper bars and labels. Whether you’re off hunting, fishing, or just need to hoist extra work gear, Addictive Desert designs can take your truck to the next level and maximise its capabilities.

Once you’ve lifted your truck, you’ll want bigger wheels to make the most of the newfound ground clearance you’ve got. 4Play Wheels deliver the look and style you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Ford F150 With Quality Parts & Accessories

Whether you're carrying heavy loads, navigating the wilds of Australia, or heading out on long journeys, you want to drive with confidence. When you opt for quality accessories, you’ll make the most of the power and capabilities that your Ford F150 can offer. Increase ground clearance with lift kits and bigger wheels for better offroading, or add winches and bull bars for more versatility.

Investing in the best means that no matter whether you’re driving for work or play, when you upgrade your Ford F150 with quality parts and accessories, you’ll have a truck that can keep up with your demands.

Buy Premium Ford F150 Accessories from Offroad Industries Today

Explore the range of brands and upgrades for your truck, from our own Offroad Industries collection to American-made accessories. If you need a personal recommendation, you can always contact our team. For older models, discover the range of accessories for the Ford F150 2015 to 2020.