About Us

About Offroad Industries

We have been providing HID and LED products for over 5 years now, we started as online business and we are constantly expanding into multiple areas of Offroad Lighting and performance products. Our mission statement is to provide only products that we would use ourselves, we all know there are so many choices there own in the market place however we pride ourselves on quality products and ease of use or installation. To often we are assisting customers that have been mislead on cheaper inferior products.

Offroad Industries are a are registered business, and operate out of Melbourne key differences between Offroad Industries and our competitors is that we:

  • Do not drop shipping all items that are sold we have stock in our warehouse, we pride ourselves on quick and efficient delivery.

  • We carry the latest HID and LED technology

  • Large Range of Aurora LED Light Bars, 2" Dually to 50" Single Row Light Bars & Double Row Light Bars

  • ProSport Performance Gauges