Stealth LED Light Bars

Stealth LED Light Bar FAQs

Is an LED Light Bar Worth It?

Definitely! LED light bars are a great way to improve visibility and safety while driving, especially when you're travelling on country roads to and from the 4x4 tracks. They provide an even spread of bright light, which is much more effective than regular headlights or spotlights. And they're also built to last, with waterproof casings and durable construction materials.

Do I Need Special Brackets to Install a Light Bar?

Our Stealth LED Lightbars come with the necessary mounting hardware for installation — including bolts and nuts — but if you require additional brackets for your vehicle, there are additional options available in order to allow light bar mounting from the rear. Additionally, the extra mounting brackets allow the light bars to be mounted on top of bull bars or UHF mounts. We have both of these options available in our range, so be sure to check them out when making your purchase.

Are LED Lights Good for My 4x4?

Yes, LED lights are an excellent option for 4x4s. They provide a wide spread of light, which is great for navigating your way through difficult terrain. They’re also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about them getting wet. These lights can be easily installed with the mounting hardware that comes included with your purchase.

Do LED Light Bars Use a Lot of Power?

No - LED light bars are actually very energy efficient and will draw minimal power when compared to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. This means that your battery won’t drain, and that our light bars are able to run with a standard 12v car battery. Larger battery setups, such as 24v batteries — which can be a common upgrade for 4x4 vehicles — can be paired with these lighting systems by replacing the 12v relay with a 24v relay.

What’s the Point of a Light Bar on a 4x4 Vehicle?

It's a fair question to ask, given that there are some excellent LED headlight options out there (check our LED headlight conversion options for more on that!), but light bars are an excellent addition to any 4x4 setup for a number of reasons.

  • LED lightbars provide a much wider spread of light than regular headlights allow. They also offer a higher light spread, making it easier to spot branches and other overhead hazards.
  • LED light bars provide a different angle of lighting to regular headlights, particularly when mounted on the roof of the vehicle. In 4x4 track applications, this can be particularly helpful as the higher light source allows you to see down into large holes, divots and ruts on the track.
  • They look fantastic!

Will an LED Light Bar Interfere With Radio Communication?

Some lower-quality light bars have been known to have an interfering effect with the radio frequencies of 4x4 vehicles. But high-quality Stealth LED light bars from Offroad Industries have a CISPR 25 rating. This is an international standard for electromagnetic interference in electronic devices. By choosing a product that achieves this rating, you can be sure that your radio comms will be crystal clear.

Which Is Better, LED Driving Lights or an LED Light Bar?

LED driving lights are great for providing extra light low to the ground, and a light bar is better suited for producing more of an overall spread. However, it really depends on your individual needs, as they both offer different advantages and disadvantages. The limitation of headlights is that they rarely provide the same overall light spread as an LED light bar can manage; this is the great appeal of a light bar.

If you’re looking for something with more focused lighting in front of the vehicle, then driving lights are an alternative. Although, light bars still provide tonnes of front-focused lighting as well. Luckily, Offroad Industries offer LED light bars and LED headlight conversion kits!

How Long Do LED Light Bars Last?

Our LED light bars are incredibly durable, and they each have a number of built-in features to ensure that they go the distance. To start with, each of our lightbars is completely dustproof and waterproof, achieving the IP69K certification. They are vibration dampened and shockproof to 28G.

Additionally, our lightbars are housed in 6061 aluminium extrusion and covered in a special DuPont coating to ensure against rust and other forms of wear. To top it all off, our LED Stealth light bars come with a 3-year replacement warranty. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your LED light bar will be bright and defect-free for years to come.

Can I Install My Own LED Light Bar?

Yes! Installing your own LED Lightbar is quite simple. With the mounting hardware included in each purchase, all you need to do is attach the brackets to your 4x4 vehicle and then mount the light bar onto them. After attaching the wiring harness, you're good to go.