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ORI Provides Bushwacker Flares, Tailgates, Side Caps & Trail Armour

Turn your vehicle into an off-road trucking legend with Bushwacker's range of hard-wearing accessories. Living up to its name, Bushwacker transforms your hard-working vehicle into a beast that can handle any and all terrains. Explore the range of fender flares available for your favourite make and model - including Ford, Toyota, RAM and Chevrolet.

Whether you’ve boosted your suspension to put on bigger tyres and need some extra shielding or just want to keep your machine looking cleaner after it’s hit the tracks, Bushwacker fender flares and accessories are the original in the industry and one of the biggest names for a reason.

Bushwacker Products Are Impact Resistant, Durable With Street-Smart Designs

Bushwacker is the pioneer in the fender flare industry and has been setting the standard in this area for over 50 years. Originally founded in a small garage shop in Oregon, their range has expanded and evolved to cope with everything an off-roading, powerful vehicle needs to cope with when roughing it through the tough Australian terrain.

Bushwacker fender flares, side caps and tailgates are made with some of the most resilient materials available for use on automotive vehicles. Their range includes everything from ABS plastic and TPO materials to UV-resistant Dura-Flex, which are made for enduring high-impact activities, searing heat, and extreme cold without cracking or deteriorating.

Bushwacker flares and accessories are easy to install, often without the need for drilling. They’ll fit flush against your vehicle and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and warping, meaning you’ve got the most hard-wearing, durable and well-backed product on the market.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Ute's Accessories to Bushwacker Products

If you want to improve the look, performance, and protection of your vehicle, upgrading your truck with Bushwacker 4x4 fender flares will do it all in one. Off-roaders will know how much more power getting bigger tyres can deliver, but with that monster power over rough terrain comes more dirt spray. Bushwacker flares not only give your truck that more rugged look but also protect it from flying debris when you’re tearing through the tracks. Adding fender flares not only keeps the undercarriage of your truck cleaner, it’ll also reduce the amount of dirt that gets sprayed up the sides too, keeping your paint job looking fresh and scratch-free for longer.

There’s nothing like personalisation when it comes to your truck, and Bushwacker flares and accessories are the top-shelf options for elevating the look and performance of your vehicle. The Bushwacker products Offroad Industries provide add impact-resistance, have remarkable durability and longevity but also add that aggressive and powerful look your truck deserves.

Buy Premium Bushwacker Fender Flares & Accessories Today!

Over ten years ago, we recognised a lack of supply when it came to accessories and upgrades that added safety and power for working vehicles in Australia. Now, Australians have access to the top brands, including Bushwacker, to take their off-roading experience to the next level. Enhance the safety, endurance and appearance of your vehicle so it can tackle the toughest terrain with the best fender flares in Australia.

Offroad Industries is one of Australia’s leading international automotive accessories providers. Order for your make and model and install them yourself, or explore our list of authorised installers who can take of it for you.