Stealth LED Reverse Lights BA15S 1156

When reversing, its disappointing the factory lights are so dull making it difficult to reverse. With our new Stealth LED Reverse globes it takes away the dullness and make

Reverse with ease and safety, upgrade your lights now its as simple as changing a halogen globe with our Stealth LED reverse globe. 

- Key Features - 

Increased visibility

Using SMD 3030 LED Chips, just 24 chips per globe to produce peak brightness output, and less heat compared to other globes.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Stealth globes are made from lightweight aluminium alloy, with inbuilt cooling fins so even if they are used on constantly i.e. DRL Day time Running lights they are will still continue with strong illumination and not fade.

Non Polarity Design + -

Designed to connect to the same factory plug, they are as simple as changing your factory halogen globe.

Built in Constant Current IC Driver

A Constant driver is a device the at takes the in coming voltage and smoothes it out, this functionality allows for bright consistent lighting and long lasting illumination.



Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 9-30V
  • Can-bus Compatible 
  • Max Lumens: 2000LM/ Pair
  • Colour: Xenon White
  • Package 2 x Stealth 1156/ BA15s Globes
  • Made from double side PCB Aluminium panels.
  • LED Chip: 24 x 3020 Chipsets
  • Material: 6063 Aviation aluminium
  • Compact size, as simple as replacing your factory halogen reverse globe.


Globe Applications

Fits Sizes: 1156 / 1156A / BA15s / P21W

Installation Options: Reverse Light, Day Time Running Light, Tail Light,