Trust Fire CREE LED Torch - 8000 Lumens Coming Soon

April 26, 2013 1 min read

Offroad Industries have been researching a number of different LED torches, we wanted something powerful yet something that was small enough to carry around. The torch also needed to be robost and have a quality finish.


We came across the TrustFire torch, our requrements were for it to be bright, come with the appropiate batteries, chargers (Australian 240v Connections and not foreign connections with Australian adapters slapped on).

The key benefits of the TrustFire Torch is that, you can add additional batteries to the length of torch giving you longer life or it can be easily converted to a twin battery setup.


We are currently taking pre-orders on this model and have a SPECIAL introductory price of $169.95, more details on the Trust Fire LED Torch.