S&B Filters

S&B's passion for excellence drives them to deliver only the best in air filtration for the off-road enthusiast. Understanding the unique demands of off-road conditions, they've committed themselves to a relentless pursuit of quality, sourcing top-tier components and collaborating with experts who are as enthusiastic about their craft as they are skilled.

Their range of air filtration systems, available at Offroad Industries, is designed not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations of the off-road industry.

Take your truck driving experience to new heights with a simple but effective upgrade that can improve your vehicle's torque and gas efficiency. No matter the weather or the length of the journey, S&B air filters and intakes make a world of difference. Your hardest-working truck will be operating at peak performance with greater airflow, delivering an increase in horsepower and harder-hitting acceleration.

Offroad Industries is proud to be an Australian importer of the S&B Filters range of exceptionally high-quality aftermarket parts. Explore the range now and experience the power and consistency that upgraded air intake can deliver to your Chevrolet Silverado or DS RAM.

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Whether you're navigating dusty trails, rocky terrains, or the open bush, S&B's air filters provide unmatched performance and protection. Their innovative designs ensure optimal airflow, enhancing engine efficiency and longevity, even in the most demanding conditions.

Trust in ORI’s dedication to quality and expertise to keep your off-road adventures uncompromised and your engines running cleaner, longer.

Explore our selection and experience the S&B difference. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.

S&B Air Intakes Are Engineered To Increase Air Flow

While your truck will come with a stock standard airflow system, the S&B Air Intakes are the next-level option. They’ll greatly increase the volume of cold air that can reach your engine with a more efficiently designed air filter. Extra large filters have less resistance while still ensuring your engine stays clean and clear from external debris.

The S&B cold air intakes are composed of a fully enclosed air box, protecting the engine and simultaneously delivering uninterrupted cold air insulated by high-quality silicone seals to protect against heat. Thanks to the innovative snap-in lid design, you can install the S&B air intakes and filters yourself – no drill required. The silicone forms a tight seal for consistent performance that’s resistant to wear and tear, with a maximum temperature tolerance of 200℃.

S&B Air Intakes Are Tested To The Highest Standards

To ensure the resilience and quality of their products, S&B Air Intakes are tested to the limit to ensure you’re getting the best product that’s worthy of your truck. While they’re made in the United States, the limit they’re tested for is an internationally recognised ISO 5011 Standard. This is the same standard that many vehicle manufacturers use for their own car accessories and parts.

Not satisfied with simply passing that standard, S&B air filters work hard to exceed those expectations. They test for everything from air intake efficiency and engine performance to longer-term engine protection. Their tests also include how long the filters can be used before they need cleaning.

To ensure the quality of every component, S&B Air Intakes have kept the manufacturing in-house as much as possible. The components are assembled in the factory and come with a 1 Million Mile Limited Warranty, meaning you’re promised one million miles of use before you need to replace them.

Air Intakes & Filters Provide Better Performance and Engine Protection

Whether you’re driving long-distance or hitting the tracks in the hottest zones the Australian terrain has to offer, you’ll want to make sure your engine stays cool. Not only do S&B cold air intakes ensure a consistent stream of cold air to your engine, but they also increase the oxygen availability needed to improve your fuel efficiency and get all the power you can from your engine.

When you’re driving something as powerful as a Chevrolet or RAM, you want to maximise the potential you get from them while also making sure you’re not about to burn anything out. Upgrading with S&B air filters achieves both goals with one accessory. A cooler engine works more efficiently, runs more smoothly and can increase both the horsepower and mileage you get.

Buy Premium S&B Air Intakes & Filters from Offroad Industries Today

Shop the range now and find the perfect aftermarket air intake for your truck with Offroad Industries. Improve filtration without sacrificing cool air volume, get more grunt from your truck and maximise the acceleration potential of your vehicle today with an upgrade from S&B Air Intakes. With an easy-to-install design, you can set up your more efficient filtration system yourself. If you’d prefer to leave it to someone else, you can take it to an Offroad Industries authorised installer who can take care of it for you.

S&B Air Intakes FAQs

What Are Air Intakes?

Air intakes are vital components of a vehicle's engine, designed to draw outside air into the engine for combustion. They typically consist of an air filter, intake manifold, throttle body, and a mass flow sensor.

While standard air intakes are optimised for general use, performance air intakes are aftermarket upgrades aimed at enhancing engine efficiency. These performance intakes increase horsepower, improve fuel economy, and provide a more aggressive engine sound. It's important to choose a performance air intake that is compatible with your vehicle and to maintain it properly for optimal performance.

What Sets S&B Air Intakes Apart From Other Brands?

S&B Filters stands out in the market with its cold air intakes, renowned for their innovative design and superior quality. These intakes are crafted to enhance airflow significantly, boosting engine performance by providing cooler, denser air, which is ideal for combustion.

The high-grade materials, including durable silicone components, ensure longevity and resilience against high temperatures. S&B's cold air intakes are meticulously tailored for specific vehicle models, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient installation. Their advanced filtration technology effectively purifies the air while maintaining optimal airflow, striking a perfect balance between protecting the engine and enhancing its performance.

The company's commitment to rigorous testing and compliance with regulations further underscores its dedication to quality and reliability. This focus on innovation, performance gains, and customer satisfaction has cemented S&B Filters as a leading choice for enthusiasts seeking top-tier cold air intake systems.

How Do Cold Air Intakes Differ From Regular Air Intakes?

Cold air intakes differ from regular air intakes primarily in their ability to draw cooler, denser air from outside the engine compartment.

Unlike standard intakes that often intake warmer air from the engine bay, cold air intakes are strategically designed and located to access cooler air, typically near the front bumper or wheel well. This cooler air is richer in oxygen, crucial for the combustion process, leading to more efficient burning of fuel and consequently improved engine performance.

The design of cold air intakes also usually involves longer tubes, aiming to provide a smoother and more direct airflow path to the engine. This design not only aids in reducing air temperature but also increases airflow efficiency, potentially enhancing horsepower, throttle response, and sometimes fuel efficiency. This distinct approach in design and function sets cold air intakes apart from regular air intakes, making them a popular choice for performance enthusiasts.

Are S&B Air Intakes Compatible With My Vehicle’s Make and Model?

To determine if S&B air intakes are compatible with your specific vehicle's make and model, refer to our S&B's product listings to ensure that you're choosing the right one. We have the make and model of the vehicle listed with the air intake.

Can I Install an S&B Air Intake Myself, or Do I Need Professional Assistance?

Installing an S&B air intake can typically be done by yourself, especially if you have basic mechanical skills and tools.

S&B designs their air intake systems to be user-friendly, often providing comprehensive installation guides that walk you through the process step-by-step. These guides usually include detailed instructions and illustrations, making the installation straightforward for most vehicle owners.

However, if you're not comfortable with the process or lack the necessary tools, we recommend seeking professional assistance.