April 20, 2023 4 min read

If you asked the average Australian what this country's national pastime is, you'd receive various answers that might include sports like cricket, AFL and rugby. You might also get answers about social events like BBQs and festivals. But there's another often overlooked pastime that Australians simply can't get enough of – touring.

If you've seen the vehicles most people drive overseas, you only have to spend 10 minutes on Australian roads to realise just how different the standard vehicle choice is here. Australians live for the bush. And our roads, inundated with four-wheel drives, are the perfect example of this.

The idea of packing up your car, venturing out into the wilderness and tackling whatever this vast continent has to throw at you is as intoxicating as it is exciting. Overlanding is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors and appreciate its beauty from behind the wheel. This post is dedicated to the brilliant pastime of overlapping. What it is, where to do it, how to prepare for it and more.

What Is Touring In Australia?

Touring in Australia is a form of travel that involves exploring the country's vast and remote wilderness areas by vehicle, typically a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle or a camper van. It is a popular way for adventure seekers to experience the rugged terrain, unique wildlife, and stunning natural beauty of Australia.

Touring in Australia can take many forms, from short trips to remote destinations to long-term journeys that span thousands of kilometres. It often involves camping in remote locations, cooking over an open fire, and taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife spotting.

The Australian landscape is diverse and challenging, with rugged terrain, vast deserts, and dense forests. As such, touring requires careful planning and preparation, including equipping the vehicle with suitable equipment, provisions, and emergency supplies.

Overall, touring in Australia offers an exciting and unique way to explore the country's vast and rugged wilderness areas, but it requires careful planning, preparation, and a willingness to tackle the challenges that come with off-road travel. It's a holiday for those that love a challenge and puts the emphasis on the journey itself – rather than the destination at the end.

What Are The Best Overlanding Routes In Australia?

Some popular touring destinations in Australia include the Gibb River Road in Western Australia, the Birdsville Track in South Australia, and the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland. These destinations offer unique experiences and stunning scenery, but they can also be challenging and require a high level of driving skill and self-sufficiency.

But an overlapping holiday doesn't have to be a huge multi-week adventure. The beauty of this activity is that it can be tailored to suit any budget and timeframe. Even a weekend trip can offer an immersive experience of the Australian bush.

What Upgrades Can I Make To My Car For Touring?

It's no secret that touring does have some unique challenges that come with the sport. As such, having a vehicle that can deal with these challenges is paramount, not only for the sake of safety but simply to have an enjoyable trip.

Here are some worthwhile mods to consider:

Fuel Tanks

It should go without saying that, in a country that's mostly covered in desert, fuel stations aren't always easy to come by in the wilderness. That's why many tourers choose to install an upgraded fuel tank.

Suspension Kits

Suspension kits are always a great idea for touring. Not only do they help to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle, but they also ensure a smoother ride when tackling rough terrain.

Electric Roller Shutters

Though not a performance upgrade, electric roller shutters provide you with an added level of security while you're in the bush. If many of your valuables are going to be in the back of the car, it's worth investing in quality protection.

What Season Should I Go Overlanding In Australia?

We're spoilt in Australia when it comes to weather. Even in the winter months, our climate is fairly friendly for touring. But really it depends on your personal preference. Going in the colder months will likely lead to encountering more rain on your trip, whereas going in the Australian summer means dealing with stifling heat. Neither is a particularly bad time to go, but you'll need to prep and pack accordingly.

You'll find that in the Australian spring, locusts and other insects are at their most active. If you're planning to travel in those months, a bonnet protector and weather shields are two excellent additions to your 4x4.

Does Touring Involve Camping?

Absolutely touring involves camping! In fact, camping is a huge part of the whole touring experience in Australia. When you're out exploring the rugged and remote terrain, you'll want to set up camp and settle in for the night, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature. Whether you're sleeping in a tent, a swag, or a rooftop tent on your 4WD, camping is a great way to immerse yourself in the Aussie wilderness and really connect with the land. Plus, it gives you the chance to cook up some amazing outdoor meals over a campfire and maybe even spot some of Australia's unique wildlife while you're at it.

What Types Of Cars Are Suitable For Touring?

There are plenty of cars out there that can take on touring, but here are a few must-haves. You'll want a vehicle with some key characteristics to handle the challenging terrain and long journeys. 

Four-wheel drive (4WD) is a must-have, as it provides better traction and handling on rough roads and off-road conditions. Good ground clearance is also important – so you don't scrape the undercarriage on rocks or debris. A sturdy suspension system is crucial to handle the rough terrain, while a durable chassis can handle the bumps and jolts that come with touring. A reliable engine is a must, as you'll be covering long distances in remote areas. And last but not least, you'll want plenty of cargo space for your gear, supplies, and camping equipment.

Overall, touring is one of the best possible ways to explore all that our beautiful country has to offer. You'll see things most people never get the chance to – and have an opportunity to unplug and unwind in some of nature's most beautiful surroundings. For all your touring needs, check out our range at Offroad Industries. We'll see you out there!