March 18, 2024 4 min read

Offroad Industries is one of Australia's leading suppliers of high-quality 4x4 accessories. One of the accessories that we specialise in is our range of LED Stealth Light Bars. These light bars are some of the best on the market with their shockproof, dustproof, waterproof, and just generally Australia-proof construction –  so you know you're getting your hands on a product that's built to last.

Why Choose Stealth LED Light Bars?

Premium Illumination

Lightbars are great for a few reasons. First and foremost, they do a brilliant job of illuminating what's ahead of you, completely transforming your ability to drive in the bush at night time and making the whole experience better for it.

Great Addition To Your Rugged-Looking 4x4

They're also a great look for your 4x4. Off-roaders love a rugged-looking vehicle that's decked out with all the kit, and no one can deny that 'all the kit' most definitely includes a proper light bar. And third, they're one of the lowest fuss lighting solutions you can install.

If you've been thinking about buying a light bar but you're not sure if you'll be able to get it wired up on your own, fear not! Our light bars are designed to be plug-and-play, with only a few bolts and a quick-fit wiring harness to worry about. Our Stealth LED light bars come with everything you need, including a plug-and-play loom, complete with switches, relays and fuses.

Personally, electrics have always been my least-liked aspect of car mechanics, and it's been something I've regularly shied away from in the past. But with such an easy setup process, this is going to feel like a kid's lego set.

In this post, we're going to go over some of the key steps to getting your light hooked up to your 4-wheel drive.

Our Steps To Wiring Up Your Light Bar

1) Before we do anything else, go ahead and disconnect the negative terminal on your battery. This just keeps everything safe when moving plugs around and ensures that you won't trip anything.

2) After this, connect the LED lightbar to your vehicle with the supplied mounting feet and stainless bolts. You can tighten them all the way as the light bar adjusts up and down once it is mounted.

3) Next up, it's time to find a suitable spot for the relay/fuse so that you can mount it to your vehicle. This is best mounted in the engine bay, preferably not too far from the battery. But primarily, anywhere that has enough space and isn't touching hot surfaces is ideal. 

4) When you’ve made sure that there's the relay is close enough to reach the battery, connect the ring terminal of your light bar to the positive side of the battery.

5) Your lightbar will need to be activated by your hi-beam switch. As such, you will need to replace the existing connection. You can do this by finding the connector at the back of your high beam globe (on the side closest to where you put the relay) and attaching the quick-fit wiring harness behind it. This wiring harness has H4 and HB3 plugs. You’ll get a switch with your loom when you order a lightbar from us, but you can also choose your own if you’d prefer. 

6) The next step is to connect the switch to your wiring harness. Start by mounting the switch in your cabin and feeding it through to the wiring harness in the engine bay. When doing so, you might need to make a small hole in the firewall or in one of the rubber grommets to feed the plug through.

7) Once fed through, connect the switch wire to the wiring harness.

8) Remember to reconnect the negative battery terminal and give your lights a try!

Can I Have a Light Bar on My Car?

Yes, you can have alight bar on your car. However, it's important to check with your local state or territory laws and regulations, as some states may have restrictions on the use of LED lighting in vehicles.

Different states in Australia tend to have different regulations on this subject, and it can be a pain to go to the effort of mounting your lighting system only to be told it's illegal. The main thing is that light bars are legal on at least one area of your 4x4 in every state.

At the time of writing, that universally accepted mounting position is on the front of your bullbar. Most states other than VIC, ACT and TAS also allow you to mount the light bar on the roof or roof rack.

Additionally, some types of light bars may require specific wiring or additional equipment to be installed. So be sure to check this out before purchasing and make sure that the light bar is suitable for your vehicle.

For all your 4x4 equipment and accessory needs, shop at Offroad Industries, and contact us if you'd like further information.