March 25, 2024 3 min read

Few things will amplify your truck’s look, feel, and performance more than upgrading it with a lift kit. BDS Suspension is one of the industry's frontrunners, enabling truck owners worldwide to boost their wheels and vehicles' resilience. With a motto of “Use it, abuse it,”BDS Suspension is made to handle everything you can throw at it, whether you’re on the work site or toughing it out off the beaten track. 

If you’ve been considering decking your truck out but are still weighing your options, read on. We’ll cover the history of this iconic company, some of its top products, and why we think you’ll love them as much as we do. 

The Origins of BDS Suspension 

In the land where bigger is better, you’ll find the origins of BDS Suspension. Founded in the United States back in 1996, it was originally created by a business group wanting to make truck upgrades better quality, more resilient and more accessible to vehicle owners. The market at the time had the same products listed at different prices from different retailers. This made it expensive and challenging for truck enthusiasts to get their hands on what they wanted without handing over huge amounts of cash or travelling long distances to get it. 

While the company isn’t quite 20 years old yet, the founders had a combined 45 years of experience at their disposal. Endeavouring to create something better than what the current market had to offer, they started their own range of suspension kits. They’ve since expanded their range, delivering exceptional quality products, including everything from shocks and coilovers to additional suspension parts for a truly custom driving experience. 

The Benefits of BDS Suspension

At its core, BDS Suspension wanted to make high-quality suspension and lift kits that were easier for the everyday truck owner to access. They also wanted to make sure that if anything did wear out after taking a beating, it could be replaced. Their kits are fully serviceable, meaning as long as you’ve got a BDS-lifted truck today, you’ll have a BDS-lifted truck for life. 

The materials and construction they use are top-notch. Using a variety of materials to suit the demands of the vehicle they’re designed for, they’re lightweight but hard-wearing. Whether it’s the heat-transferring nature of 6061 T6 aluminium or alloy-coated steel, you’ll know the quality difference when you’re driving with BDS Suspension. 

Of course, the biggest benefit is better ground clearance, with more space for bigger wheels, giving you a staunch-looking higher profile. You’ll be able to push your vehicle to its limits and experience the true power it was intended to be used with. 

Our Top BDS Picks

Ram 1500 BDS 2 Inch Lift Kit

Designed to give your Ram more grunt, the BDS Suspension 2-inch lift kit provides better off-road performance no matter where you’re heading. The real star of the show is the Fox 2.5 coil-over shocks, which give you a smoother ride even with bigger tyres and rougher terrain. 

GM 1500 BDS 3.5 Inch Lift Kit 

This kit is compatible with both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks, and it is perfect for that extra boost in height and power. One of the higher kits in the BDS Suspension collection, again, the addition of Fox parts is a game-changer. Fox Factory Race 3.0 IBP coil-overs puts the control in your hands, whether you’re off-road or just heading home from work. Crank it up, add newwheels, and you’ll have a driving experience like no other. 

Ford F250/F350 BDS 2 Inch Leveling Kit 

If leveling is more your style than lifting, BDS Suspension has you covered there, too. Designed for the hard-hitting Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty trucks, it offers a 2-inch lift in the front for a more even stance and, of course, bigger tyres. Boost your performance and appearance without sacrificing ride quality. 

Upgrade at Home or With an ORI Authorised Installer 

No matter what you drive, BDS Suspension can help you elevate your truck and the experience you get while driving it all in one. With heavy-duty components, exceptional quality and versatile options that can handle everything your journey has to offer, BDS is a fan favourite for a reason.

Install it yourself, or take it to one of ourORI-authorised installers today and experience the difference for yourself. For any questions or help in choosing the best option for you and your vehicle, you can alwayscontact us.