February 08, 2022 3 min read

It doesn’t matter if you’re sporting a Jeep, Land Rover, a Ford ranger, or any offroad vehicle, at some point along the road, you’re going to get stuck; it’s how you recover and navigate your way out of the situation that matters, and this response separates the experienced driver from the novice. While you might be having a lucky streak at the moment, problems can strike at any moment, so it’s best to stay prepared for any scenario while navigating offtrail terrain. And while you might not get in a pickle, you could come across another vehicle lodged in the dirt, becoming the hero of the day. Recovering comes with the territory for offroading, but so many drivers just aren’t prepared for an event like this. Fortunately, we have all the tips to help you recover like a pro. Offroad Industries can help you along the way; as one of Australia’s leading providers of international automotive accessories, we’re proud to stock Factor 55, with hightech software and the latest analysis tools, SD CAD and Finite Elements, to name a few. Factor 55 supplies some of the best quality recovery gear in the industry; a comprehensive range, including Factor 55 flatlinkFactor 55 hitchlink and Factor 55 ultrahook. This offroad brand went the extra mile by stocking the first folding shackle mount for recovery winches; a lightweight design made for precision and towing up to 69,000 lbs. 

Offroad recovery with Factor 55 Australia

The number one tip when recovering your vehicle from the mud, a pond, or the snow is to remain calm. Your offroad vehicle isn’t just about the amazing modifications and customisations; it’s about being able to make a sensible decision under high pressure situations, especially when other other people’s lives are at stake. Giving in to panic could be the difference between an effective recovery plan and a terrible one. Time isn’t your friend in this situation, but you still need to keep your cool or you could end up in more peril. Assess the situation first, then get your plan together; inform anyone who is going to be impacted by the operation of your strategy, and take inventory of any of the tools you have to work with. Offroad vehicle recovery is made easy with Factor 55 recovery accessories. Unless your vehicle is submerged in water or in a precarious position on a cliff’s edge, ensure someone stays behind the wheel even if you get out of the car; driverless vehicles make for a dangerous, less effective recovery method. Also make sure that the remaining bystanders are a safe distance from the site of the operation, anything in the way of the vehicle could go flying at any moment. Don’t use a bare winch cable either! Cover it with something such as a blanket—between the anchor point and the vehicle—to prevent it from breaking, and don’t use it if it's frayed or showing signs of wear and tear. With the security blanket wrapped between it, the energy shocks will be absorbed if it breaks. And maybe the most important advice we can give you; invest in a winch! Having a winch installed in your Jeep, or whatevervehicle you’re rocking, will save your butt later, when you find yourself knee deep in a quagmire. Thankfully, Factor 55 has your back with this nifty little device: the Factor 55 Hawse Winch Fairlead Billet, tailing the drop of their shiny new line of Aluminium Hawse Fairleads. Made in the U.S.A, the 1.0 and 1.5 fairleads are CNC machined from 1 and 1.5 inch thick 6000 series aluminium bars, whereas the standard fairlead thickness is .75 inches thick; the increase in thickness ensures less stress on the rope during high-intensity recovery pulls.

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Just because you’re going offgrid doesn’t mean you’ve got to be an outlaw. Sure, there’s insurance, but it’s better to prevent this sort of predicament from occurring, from the get go. Don’t slack on your recovery gear; always play it safe and stay prepared at all times. Stock up on a recovery hook, ultrahook, prolink and fairlead for your rig, with our extensive supply of Factor 55 products. Never get caught out without the proper recovery gear again! Let us rope you into the Factor 55 collection, distributed by Offroad Industries.