September 26, 2023 4 min read

The world of 4x4 mods is a dense and sometimes confusing one. People often ask us what the best modification is for their car and what we’d recommend. The truth is that it depends on way too many things to give a standard answer. 

So instead, we at Offroad Industries wanted to explain the ways in which one mod can be bought to complement another. And how approaching it like this over time leads to a more well-rounded 4x4 in general. Check it out.

The Foundations: Upgrading for Size and Performance

When you're starting out with 4x4 mods, size and performance often pop up first on the list. They're the most noticeable, the most tangible. It’s a lot like building a house; you wouldn’t start with the roof.

Larger Tyres: 

This is often the first step in any 4x4 transformation. With bigger tyres, you're not only changing the look but also improving your off-road performance. Imagine your 4x4 wading through the mud like it’s just another day at the office. But there’s a kicker, with bigger shoes on your 4x4, you’ll have to make some space for them.

Complementary Mod - The Lift Kit: 

Picture this. You’ve got those brand new, larger-than-life tyres. But suddenly, every bump in the road feels like a hurdle. That’s because these bigger tyres need space, they need room to move, especially during off-road adventures. That’s where the lift kit comes into play. A lift kit is not just about raising your vehicle’s height. It's about making space for those new tyres, ensuring smooth performance, and stopping any unwanted wheel rub. Offroad Industries is an American truck specialist, excelling in lift kits for ChevroletFord and RAM vehicles. Our lift kits are supplied by a number of leading brands such as Rough Country, Superlift, Carli, Fox, Kings and Cognito

Aesthetic Meets Practicality: Keeping it Stylish Yet Functional

Thinking more about the different types of 4x4 modifications, it's clear that aesthetics and practicality often go hand in hand. It's not just about looking good; it's about making those looks work for you.

Bushwacker Fender Flares:

Once you've opted for those beefier tyres and given them room with a lift kit, there's another component to consider. Those larger wheels might look imposing, but they can jut out, leading to 'wheel poke'. This isn't just an aesthetic concern – it can get you in hot water with highway patrol. Enter Bushwacker Fender Flares. These flares will beef up the look of your 4x4 and they’ll also keep those wheels neatly tucked in. 

ORI Electric Steps:

At first glance, these might seem like a pure luxury item, a bit of show and tell for your mates. But there’s more beneath the surface. Particularly for those with kids or shorter passengers, these steps are a game changer. They seamlessly blend into your vehicle’s design and pop out when needed, making vehicle entry and exit a breeze. ORI custom develops these steps to suit most American trucks and some Japanese vehicles such as the LC300 and Next Gen Ranger.

Roller Shutters:

When it comes to storing gear, security is paramount. It's not just about preventing theft; it's about protecting your equipment from the harsh Australian elements. ORI roller shutters offer a sleek solution. While giving your 4x4 a streamlined appearance, they also provide a secure storage space, ensuring your gear remains safe and sound.

In the realm of 4x4 mods, it's not an 'either-or' situation. You can have a vehicle that turns heads and is packed with functional features. It's about striking that perfect balance.

Safety and Style: Front to Back

Addictive Desert Designs Bullbars:

Tackling rough terrains often leads to thrills and spills in equal measure. That’s why having a quality bullbar is a great investment. Offering a rugged look, they also shield your 4x4's front from potential damage, ensuring your adventures don't come with unwanted repair bills.

Rear Bars:

Similarly, the back of your 4x4 needs safeguarding. Beyond protection, quality rear bars aid in vehicle recovery, making those sticky situations a bit more manageable.

Manta Performance Exhausts:

Enhance performance and fuel efficiency with these exhausts. While they give your 4x4 a throatier roar, they also promote better airflow, which can add a punch to your engine power.

AVS Bonnet Protectors:

Keep your bonnet free from stone chips and road debris. These protectors not only guard against damage but add a sleek touch to your 4x4's appearance.

Why Complementary Mods Matter

In the 4x4 world, no mod is an island. Each upgrade, whether for aesthetics, functionality, or performance, has ripple effects. Understanding how mods complement one another is vital for a few reasons:

Integrated Performance:

When mods work in tandem, your 4x4's overall performance improves. It's not just about bigger tyres or a louder exhaust; it's about how each part interacts with and helps the other.

Longevity and Maintenance:

Mismatched modifications can lead to wear and tear. For instance, fitting larger tyres without the necessary lift can result in unnecessary strain. By ensuring mods align, you prolong the lifespan of both the new parts and your vehicle.

Aesthetic Harmony:

While each mod might look great on its own, considering how they all fit together ensures a cohesive and striking appearance. 

If you’re wondering what else you can do to create the perfect 4x4 for you then feel free to contact the team at Offroad Industries.