September 26, 2023 4 min read

Suspension upgrades have always been one of the hottest topics in the aftermarket 4x4 modification game, and rightfully so. After all, the performance of almost every other component and modification quite literally rests on your suspension. 

So when we at Offroad Industries look to stock new suppliers, we don’t make this choice lightly. Only the best will do for our customers, and that obsession with quality applies to us too. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Offroad Industries will be stocking a bold new range of products from Cognito Suspension. 

Unleash Your Vehicle's True Potential with Cognito Suspension

Much like the rest of the Offroad Industries range, when we look to expand our offering, we tend to look to the United States. This was again the case when looking for another suspension supplier. Cognito Suspension has been making serious waves in the 4x4 suspension market since as far back as 2001. In that time they’ve created a range that has been consistently able to deliver that holy grail of suspension performance that offroaders absolutely love. 

If your vehicle has the potential, Cognito Suspension is the key to unlocking it. The range consists of several different suspension kits and components covering full lift kits to tie rods and upper control arms. These components will primarily cater for a variety of Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra models. The aim of this range is to help these already exceptional models to perform at their absolute best. In our opinion, when you’re already spending over $100k for the 4x4, splashing that bit of extra cash for a top-quality suspension setup is a no brainer. Carry on reading as we go into more detail about how this is achieved.

Extend Suspension Lifespan and Durability

When you consider upgrading your suspension, the key is understanding how the components directly contribute to both durability and lifespan. Here’s how Cognito makes that difference:

Cognito's Ball Joint SM Series Upper Control Arms

Not only do they add a visual appeal, but they also have a functional purpose. By correcting the ball joint angle for lifted and levelled applications, they optimise droop travel, essential for a smoother ride and prolonging the life of all associated suspension parts. Their boxed sheet metal arms are CNC robot-welded and coated with a protective semi-gloss black powder, ensuring long-lasting resilience against wear and tear.

Torsion Bar Keys

Made with forged construction, these torsion bar keys are robust, elevating the front of your truck to level it with the rear. This balancing act ensures even weight distribution, which is pivotal in reducing uneven wear and stress on the suspension.

PISK (Pitman and Idler Arm Support Kit)

Historically, Pitman and Idler arms have been points of weakness in Chevy and GMC trucks. The PISK directly addresses this issue, providing critical support and preventing unwanted movement of the centre-link, thereby enhancing the steering system's lifespan.

Performance Elite Series 2.5-Inch Reservoir Shocks

These aren’t just about off-road prowess. Drawing inspiration from race shocks, they’re designed for extreme endurance. With external compression adjusters, they're adaptable, ensuring your vehicle's suspension is always functioning within its optimal range, minimising undue stress and prolonging its life.

So, when we say Cognito provides durability, it’s backed by thoughtful engineering, attention to historically problematic components, and high-quality materials tailored for longevity. Investing in such a system ensures you’re not just getting immediate performance boosts, but a suspension setup built to last.

Increase Towing and Hauling Capabilities

Cognito’s components redefine your vehicle’s towing and hauling capabilities. The enhanced ball joint angles in the SM Series Upper Control Arms maintain alignment during heavy loads, reducing suspension wear and ensuring stability. 

Furthermore, the Fox Performance Elite Series 2.5-Inch Reservoir Shocks adapt to vehicle loads. They provide the necessary stiffness for heavy towing, yet remain flexible enough to adapt to lighter payloads. This adaptability, coupled with improved weight distribution from the Torsion Bar Keys, ensures optimal weight-bearing and towing performance.

Improve Off-Road Handling and Stability

Off-road prowess hinges on how suspension responds to uneven terrain. Cognito’s Reservoir Shocks are inspired by off-road race shocks, ensuring they can handle the roughest terrains. Their external compression adjusters are a game-changer, allowing swift adaptation to varying terrains. The PISK system, with its support to the vehicle’s pitman and idler arms, further stabilises steering. This stability prevents any unwanted judders or sways. Whether you’re traversing a rocky trail or a sandy dune, Cognito ensures your vehicle remains grounded, stable, and responsive.

Enhance On-Road Comfort and Ride Quality

Cognito's suspension isn't just for the trails. The Fox Performance Elite Series & King Shocks remote Reservoir Shocks, with their adaptable compression settings, guarantee a smoother ride on tarmac. Paired with the SM Series Upper Control Arms, they ensure consistent alignment and reduced road vibrations. Experience the fusion of off-road ruggedness with on-road finesse, as Cognito elevates your everyday drive.

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