May 16, 2024 3 min read

Whether you’re driving on the road off on rugged terrain, protecting you and your vehicle is a top priority. While most people first consider adding bigger upgrades like shock absorption and lifted suspension for a better drive, they’re not the only options you’ve got for better off-road resilience and adding a more aggressive look to your truck. 

Bullbars and bonnet protectors are also key accessories you can add to your vehicle for improved safety. They’re typically easy to install and will keep your truck in good condition for longer, as well as giving you extra confidence to head off the beaten track for more adventurous drives. 


The Benefits of Bullbars 

Aside from giving your truck a more rugged and customised look, bullbars offer a whole lot of benefits. The first of which is increased protection in the event of a collision. They cover the front of your vehicle comprehensively, adding shock absorption. 

If you do hit into something when you’re off-roading or are driving at night and something hits your vehicle head-on, your truck will likely come out better off than it would without a bullbar. Bullbars help to diffuse the impact across a wider area, meaning you and any passengers won’t absorb the impact as much in the cab. Not only do they reduce the chances of you or your truck getting damaged, but they can also save you money in the long run on any repairs that need to be completed after an accident. 

For trips through rougher terrain, bullbars act as a shield against debris that your truck kicks up. Whether that debris is stray rocks or branches that you’re pushing through, your bullbar will take the brunt of it, giving you more power to push through without risking the integrity of your truck. 


The Benefits of Bonnet Protectors

Bonnet protectors are a slick and minimalist change you can make to your truck. They’re easy to install at home, don’t typically require any drilling, and serve to protect you and your vehicle when you’re on-road and when you’re heading off into more rugged environments. 

They act to deflect debris, including rocks and bugs, by creating a shield at the front of your bonnet. In turn, this helps protect your paint job and windshield and makes keeping your truck clean a lot easier as well. 

Bonnet protectors come in a range of styles and heights and can be added to a range of trucks. TheAVS range of bonnet protectors wraps fully over the front of your bonnet, giving you a wider angle of protection. They also offer high-profile shields for trucks that need that extra degree of coverage. 


Choosing the Best Option for Your Truck

Combining both bonnet protection and bullbars not only gives your truck a more custom, rugged look but also delivers a broad spectrum of safety. Choosing the best option for your vehicle is as simple as exploring the likes ofAddictive Desert Designs and AVS, then filtering by car make. 

From there, you can find the model you’re driving to ensure you’re getting a product that can handle everything life throws at it, all while protecting you and your truck. Many of the bull bars are direct bolt-on, meaning they’re simple to attach yourself at home. The range of AVS bonnet shields have a clip-on design, giving you a safer drive without the need to drill any holes for installation. 


Protect Your Vehicle with bullbars, bonnet protectors and other accessories from Offroad Industries 

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