May 16, 2024 3 min read

For a truck that looks as rugged as it is resilient, you’ll want a bumper bar from Addictive Desert Designs. This American brand delivers expertly crafted upgrades for trucks spanning your classic hard-hitters like Chevys and Rams to the trucks that a huge number of Australians know and love, like Fords and Toyotas. 

If you’ve never upgraded your bumpers before, it’s time to consider shifting gears and going all out withAddictive Desert Designs. Discover their history, the benefits of their range and which upgrades we think are the best.


The Origins of Addictive Desert Designs

ADD was founded in 2007 in Arizona, United States. Since then, they’ve made every truck accessory and upgrade in their Chandler-based factory. With a focus on quality materials, exceptional fitment and utilising the most up-to-date technology, their core range started off with bumper bars. They’ve since expanded to include chase racks and tyre carriers to deliver a comprehensive range that enables you to upgrade your truck to handle everything the toughest drives can throw at you.


The Benefits of Addictive Desert Designs Accessories

Front and rear bumper bars give your vehicle more protection in the event of any collisions, help shield your vehicle from debris, and provide some additional impact protection. Not all bumper bars are built the same, and Addictive Desert Designs stands out due to its stringent manufacturing process. 

The process starts off simply, with a plain sheet of metal. It’s then laser cut with incredible precision and assembled and welded to the right dimensions for the truck it’s designed for. Next, they powder-coat the metal in their signature black, complete with satin black accent panels. Following that, the bumper bar is sandblasted and coated in a primer for a secondary protective layer to ensure that if your bumper ever does get scratched, it’ll still have a slick look, as well as plenty of protection to keep you covered until it can be repaired fully. 

The beauty of ADD Offroad bumper bars is that they’re bolt-on. This means you don’t need to worry about drilling precisely or impacting the integrity of your truck. Depending on the bumper bar you choose, they also come with a range of additional features, including winch mounts, D-ring mounts anddriving light mounts. They’re also designed to fit around your truck sensors, so you’ll have all the capabilities you’re used to and then some. Each product is fully custom-made, meaning that when you order, you’ll be getting a product designed and built just for you.


Our Top Addictive Desert Designs Picks

Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 Stealth Fighter Bar

TheChevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 Stealth Fighter Bardelivers a rugged look, along with exceptional protection. There’s nothing better than American-made accessories for your American-made truck, and ADD Offroad have perfected this design. Seamlessly integrating with your truck’s body, it also offers a winch mount and space for lighting upgrades for 10” cube lights or a 40" radius light bar. Upgrade your Chevy Silverado with this resilient piece of kit, combining improved appearance, better vehicle protection and increased utility. 

Ford F-150 Stealth Fighter Winch Bar

One for Ford drivers, theFord F-150 Stealth Fighter Winch Bar delivers all the strength and tough aesthetics you’d want for your hard-working truck. The Ford Stealth Fighter bar features mounts for a cube light or a 10" single-row light bar in each side panel, as well as a winch mount for when you’re hauling heavy equipment. It’s compatible with both sensor and non-sensor trucks but will need theADD Adaptive Cruise Control Relocation Bracket for adaptive cruise control-equipped vehicles. 

DT RAM 1500 Stealth Fighter Winch Front Bullbar

Ram drivers aren’t left out of the action, with theDT RAM 1500 Stealth Fighter Winch Front Bullbar offering all the versatility and protection you need. It has a slick-looking radius steel plate, delivering exceptional protection without sacrificing style. Take your Ram off-road with more protection and utility features thanks to the winch bar, D-Ring mounts and ability to add a variety ofLED bar lights. You’ll be able to tackle the Australian outback fully prepared.


Upgrade With ADD Offroad at an ORI Authorised Installer 

Give your truck the protection and look it deserves with a bumper bar upgrade from Addictive Desert Designs. Made to order, we’ll arrange assembly and shipping direct to your door from their American factory. Order today from Offroad Industries and install at home, or take your truck to one of ourauthorised installers.