May 16, 2024 3 min read

Whether you’re heading out on dark country roads, driving to work before the sun is up or want to illuminate your camping spot, truck lighting is a must. Not only does good lighting increase the safety when operating your vehicle, but it also increases the utility, giving you the ability to work and play regardless of where you are or what time it is. 

When it comes to vehicle lighting for your truck, there are a lot of options to consider. Which you choose will come down to what conditions you’re in and what you’re using your truck for. 


What’s the Difference Between Work Lights, LED Bars and Driving Lights?

There are three primary forms of lighting for trucks. The first is driving lights, which can be used in conjunction with standard leadlights. You can also consider adding work lights and LED bars for even more illumination when you’re toughing it out in the outback. There are a few key differences between all three, which we’ll cover: 

Driving Lights 

When you’re heading out to rural areas along stretches of road with little or no street lights,driving lights can improve the safety and visibility of your journey. Driving lights are made especially for high-speed driving, in contrast with work lights and LED bar lights, which are typically made for when your truck is parked and you’re working nearby. 

Driving lights are incredibly bright and powerful, with beams that can stretch long distances, which are particularly ideal for areas where animals cross or you’re heading down winding roads. They’re used in addition to your standard headlights and can be mounted anywhere on the front of your truck, but typically, they’re built into the grille or added with an extra light mount above the windscreen. 

Work Lights

Work lights are designed for more focused light, made to illuminate a specific area with a more narrow but intensely bright beam. They’re typically smaller than LED bar lights, and you’ll typically mount them on the rear or sides of your truck with some elevation to give you good visibility. 

Work lights are usually used to make specific tasks easier in low-light conditions. Whether you’re unloading or reloading cargo onto the tub or your truck or working near your vehicle, they’re a handy addition to have. 

LED Bars 

Your third lighting option isLED light bars, which are long, broad lights that can be mounted anywhere on the truck, including the roof rack, bumper, or grille. They’re mounted higher to increase their ability to project light further, and they can be used for a number of applications. 

LED light bars have variable designs and come in different sizes, lengths, and styles. Most are designed for broad illumination across larger areas when you’re setting up a work site or camping spot or working on something nearby. You can choose between spotlight styles and flood beams, giving you plenty of options when it comes to utility. 


How to Choose the Best Option for Your Vehicle

When it comes to choosing the optimal lighting for your truck, we recommend picking one based on what you need your lighting for. Consider the following: 

  • A work light is the best option for working outdoors after hours on tasks that require bright, focused light for precision work. 
  • If you regularly head into the country and drive on rural roads with low lighting, driving lights are the perfect solution. 
  • LED bar lights are your best bet for nighttime off-road driving and broad spectrum, wider levels of illumination. 

At Offroad Industries, we stock a huge range of truck lighting to give you everything you need to be road-worthy and make the most of your vehicle’s capabilities. If you’re unsure which to choose, you can alwayscontact our team for more information. 

You can also install more than one vehicle lighting solution at once. Many truck owners find the combination of driving lights and an LED bar light or work light a great upgrade. They’re also easy to install yourself, though if you’d prefer, you can order from Offroad Industries and take advantage of the expertise of ourauthorised installers instead.