BDS Recoil Traction Bar Kit | Ford F150 (21-23)

Experience greater traction in your 2021-2023 Ford F150 4WD without compromising wheel movement with the BDS Recoil Traction Bar Mounting Kit. Crafted with thick external walls and internal compression springs, this kit can be adjusted while fitted to the vehicle for axle control. Boasting a full float design for unrestricted performance, it's suitable for lifts of all heights.

Fabricated from 2-inch OD x 3/16-inch wall steel tubing with a threaded bung welded in toward the axle and a CNC-machined end at the frame. Axle mount uses BDS's ultra-durable large-forged flex end and jam nut. Using a forged housing with large 1-1/4-nch x 12 threaded shank, a single sided snap ring and 1-piece flex ball, the flex ends are capable of up to 15 degrees of misalignment in either direction. At the frame end the bar uses a durometer specific polyurethane bushing and free floats in the traction bar utilizing a pair of dual stage internal compression springs and UHMW polyurethane bearings.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable axle wrap control using dual-stage resistance springs
  • Full floating traction bar design will not bind throughout the full range of wheel travel and/or hinder suspension articulation
  • Spring preload can be adjusted on the vehicle without disassembling the traction bar
  • Traction bar ends are greaseable and rebuildable
  • Mounting brackets are bolt-on, only requiring minor drilling for frame mount installation