Factor 55 Hawse Offset Fairlead

Factor 55 introduces a new aluminium Hawse Offset Fairlead. These 1.5″ fairleads are CNC machined from 1.5 inch thick USA 6000 series aluminium bar. The industry standard fairlead thickness is .75 inches thick.

The thicker aluminium bar results in a larger outer fillet radius for the synthetic rope to slide against. This results in less stress on the rope fibres during high angular pulls, increasing the life of your synthetic rope. The Offset fairleads are the industry’s first Hawse Offset fairlead compatible with larger ½ inch diameter rope tube thimbles.

The rope slot height opening is taller to allow the larger ½” tube thimbles to pass through. There is also a machined outer corner chamfer to reduce rope stress for those than plan on using the winch as a front suspension “suck down” device. These fairleads come in a durable MIL-A-8625F TYPE III gun metal grey hard anodised finish with a laser engraved logo.

What is the best surface finish for Hawse aluminium fairleads?  Without a doubt it is a Type III hard anodised coating.  Not cosmetic Type II anodised finishes, not powder coated, and not raw or polished aluminium.  Why?  Because a hard coating can resist the abrasion damage from a dirty/gritty synthetic winch rope rubbing across it.   Especially during extreme side pulls where rope fibre stresses are extremely high.  A Mil-A-8625 Type III hard anodised finish leaves a .002” thick Al2O3 ceramic coating that is in the top 5 hardest materials known to mankind (See chart under Corundum/Sapphire).  Not too far away from diamond hardness actually.  Another valuable material property from hard anodised coatings are the low coefficients of friction.  Low friction = lower rope heat. 

Only drawback?  Hard anodising is not offered in typical bright and fancy anodised colours.  All Factor 55 fairleads only come in Mil-A-8625 hard grey finishes. Not fancy, but it is the proper finish to extend the life of your synthetic rope.

Overall Dimension: 11.75″ x 3.4″

Offset Opening: .80″

Thickness: 1.5″

Standard 10″ Bolt Mount Spacing

For synthetic winch rope only.

Made in USA



Shipped via Toll Express. #Freeshipping