March 25, 2024 3 min read

While the name might sound Australian,Bushwacker fender flares are as American as they come. Designed to protect your vehicle from dirt when you’re heading offroad, these innovative additions are a must-have accessory for any truck.

If you’ve recently started upgrading your vehicle and are looking to add the finishing touches that’ll make your beast more hard-wearing on the track, read on to discover everything you need to know about Bushwacker fender flares. 

Why Your Truck Needs Fender Flares

If you’ve ever taken your truck off the beaten track into more rugged terrain, you’ll know how much dirt and grime can get stuck around your wheel arches. Fender flares can significantly reduce the amount of mud you later need to clean off, as well as keep your truck in better condition between drives. 

Aside from dirt, fender flares like those from Bushwacker can help protect the chassis of your car from flying rocks and other debris. They reduce your chances of getting hit by things that can scratch your paint job or chip your windshield. 

Aside from the extra protection they offer, fender flares can make your truck more rough and ready for tougher conditions by allowing more space for bigger tyres. Bigger tyres mean higher ground clearance and more power when it comes to tackling more rugged terrain. Combine your new fender flares with upgradedsuspension and experience the real difference when you’re off-roading. 

As if protection and power weren’t reason enough, fender flares also add that extra aggressive profile to your truck. They come in a range of styles and sizes for a range of different models, giving you the ability to find the perfect fender flare fit for your vehicle. 

One of the key reason to fit bushwacker fender flares is to ensure you have no tyre poke to keep your vehicle legal in all states and territories within Australia. 

The Bushwacker Difference 

Bushwacker fender flares aren’t your everyday truck accessory. Having been in business for over 50 years, they’ve perfected the quality and function of their flares to deliver a product that can withstand everything your toughest drive can throw at it. They’re still made in America, promising the best manufacturing practices. 

The real difference in their product range comes from the materials they use. From UV-resistant Dura-Flex and ABS plastic to TPO materials, their fender flares can withstand whatever you throw their way. From high-impact flying debris on the road to extreme temperatures, Bushwacker fender flares can handle it all without cracking, warping or deteriorating. Their flares also come in a range of sizes, from more low-profile pocket fender flares to extended flares. This enables you to get the perfect match for your truck to tackle and withstand whatever the road has in store for you. 

Which Models Do Bushwacker Make Fender Flares for? 

Bushwacker is always adding new flares to its range to keep up with the demands of newer models of trucks. No matter what you drive, there’s a set in store for you. Currently, you can find Bushwacker fender flares for the following models:

How to Install Bushwacker Fender Flares

Installing your fresh set of fender flares is easy and something you can do at home, however we do highly recommend professional fitment. The beauty of Bushwacker fender flares is that they don’t require any drilling to attach them to your vehicle, meaning you can keep the integrity of your truck intact and elevate the power and protection. 

When your fender flares are delivered, you’ll get a set of instructions on how to install them at home, we do stress professional installation to ensure that prefect fitment. It does vary slightly for different models but the process is fairly simple and can be done at home if you have the right tools and around 10 minutes to spare. 

Start off by removing the existing factory flares, cleaning the wheel arch and surrounding areas thoroughly then applying rust repellent. You’ll then be able to affix your flares in place, which are held securely on Torx screws and spacers. Make sure they’re secure, but not so tight that they can’t flex in the heat or cold nor dig into the paint on your truck. 

If you’d rather have the process taken care of for you, you can always book in with anORI-authorised installer instead. Explore the full range ofBushwacker fender flares and accessories and take your truck to new heights.