May 21, 2024 3 min read

With a world of suspension and lift kits available, it takes something truly special to stand out. Fox Suspension is one of our favourites, and for good reason. Kicking off their journey back in 1974, their origins lie with dirt bike suspension. It wasn’t until later that they evolved to adapt to motor vehicles - including the likes of all your favourite makes like Chevrolet, Ford, Ram and Toyota. 

They make model-specific upgrades that take your truck from a regular working vehicle to a beast. Here’s what we rate most highly aboutFox Suspension and why you should consider their range for your next big upgrade. 


What Makes Fox Suspension A Stand Out

USA made

There’s something unique and special about a company that, after all these years, has kept its manufacturing processes exclusively in-house. Fox Suspension have kept every aspect from design to creation to testing in the US to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained. It’s because of this advanced design that their range remains more exclusive and is created for a specific range of vehicles. While the range is more particular, it’s executed to the highest possible standards. 

Racing origins 

You might not be hitting the corners of the Australian outback roads at high speeds, but you could if you wanted to when you’re driving with Fox Suspension. The very first suspension and lift kits were designed for the likes of quad bikes and the Indy car, meaning speed, comfort and control while driving have always been at the forefront of their designs. 

High-quality materials

Aside from delivering more control and stability when you’re offroading, Fox Suspension use exceptionally high-quality materials in their aftermarket parts. They’re built to last and can take anything you and your next big drive can throw at them. Aluminium alloy is not only lightweight but also dissipates heat more rapidly than other metals. It’s also resistant to corrosion, keeping your suspension in top condition for longer. The internal floating pistons in their suspension kits keep oil and gas separated, giving you the finest control. 


Benefits of Fox 4x4 Suspension in Australia

While your truck will come with its own manufacturer suspension when you drive it off the lot, choosing a custom suspension or lift kit can transform your driving experience entirely. 

Fox Suspension and lift kits are fully serviceable, making them a solid investment for your truck. Their upgrades are built to be abused by the toughest terrain. If anything ever does need to be replaced, you’re covered. You won’t need to replace the whole suspension setup entirely - just the damaged part. 

Their control arms, lift kits and shocks are all made for off-road racing, meaning they can handle more extreme driving than you’re likely to be doing in an average day’s work. The Australian roads can get rough, but Fox 4WD suspension can tackle them with ease, giving you more control and comfort when you’re off the beaten track. You’ll have the control and elevation to clear off-road driving with ease when you’ve added a Fox Suspension lift kit. 

If you’ve been looking for a lift kit that gives you serious elevation, Fox Suspension’s range delivers exactly that. With up to a heavy-hitting 3 inches of lift, you’ll be able to clear more ground than ever. You can control and refine how much lift you want so you can get things exactly how you like them. 

Fox Suspension kits also enable you to add more upgrades to your truck. With greater elevation comes a greater opportunity to crank up the size of yourwheels to give you more traction and off-road capability. To give your truck that finishing touch, add onelectric side steps to make your newly lifted vehicle a breeze to get in and out of. 


How You Can Upgrade With Fox Suspension

Experience the difference that Fox 4WD suspension can deliver for yourself by ordering from Offroad Industries. Many of the upgrades can be installed at home, or you can book in with one of ourauthorised installers nationwide. For more information on which parts you’ll need or personal recommendations, you cancontact us at any time.