March 25, 2022 3 min read

If you drive a truck, you know the feeling. It's not a nice one. Your fuel gauge is dropping lower and's getting closer to a quarter left...and closer still to empty. Worse, you're in a place you don't know that well and you've got no clue where the next servo is. Even worse? It's getting near to midnight. You're sure that small-town diesel stations will have closed! If you've been in that situation, you'll remember how you would've killed for an extra few litres of fuel.

Well, imagine having an extra seventy-five litres. 

No matter the reason you've got a truck, chances are you don't like stopping for diesel. You want to be able to get your jobs done without pulling into a servo several times a week. You might want to road trip a bit further out without having to stress about getting stranded. Whatever the case may be, it's worth thinking about getting a larger fuel tank.

Enter:TITAN Fuel Tanks

These military-grade, cross-linked polymer tanks will add serious miles to your range. Read on to find out what makes a TITAN essential for anyone who's serious about offroading.

Will A TITAN Fuel Tank Suit My Truck?

TITAN Fuel Tanks come from Idaho, USA. They've been there for decades, dedicating themselves to enhancing gas and diesel trucks.

They produce fuel tanks to suit a range of trucks, including the following:

  • GMC Sierra 2500
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500
  • RAM 2500
  • Ford F250 Super Duty

A TITAN Fuel Tank will increase each of these trucks' fuel capacities by at least 75 litres. Let's look at the Ford F250. A TITAN can extend driving range by over 300 kilometres - and that's while towing! Unloaded, a Ford F250 could go more than 450 extra miles with aTITAN Fuel Tank.

What Are TITAN Fuel Tanks Made Of?

TITAN Fuel Tanks are special. This is thanks to the materials they're made of. While other manufacturers make tanks out of linear polyethylene, TITAN uses military-grade materials. They use cross-linked high-density polyethylene, or XLHDPE. This has extra strength and durability. The XLHDPE is a quarter-inch thick, so you'd be hard-pressed to puncture it!

TITAN Fuel Tanks aren't metal, so they don't rust or corrode. Metal is an uneven conductor of temperature. It can make fuel congeal or evaporate when in contact with it. XLHDPE doesn't have this issue. ATITAN Fuel Tank keeps your diesel in liquid form, the way it's meant to be. 

How Does A TITAN Fuel Tank Increase Capacity?

TITAN has produced a fuel tank that utilises the unused space inside your truck. It's deeper and wider than the factory standard tank. It also fills the gap that would usually be between your truck's old tank and the transfer case. 

TheTITAN Fuel Tank uses the principle of marginal gains. By gaining a couple of centimetres of space here and there, you end up with an extra 75 litres of volume. 

Are TITAN Fuel Tanks Hard To Install?

TITAN makes installation as easy as they can. They have comprehensive instructions included with every sale, anddetailed videos online.

Installing aTITAN Fuel Tank involves taking out your truck's original tank. Then you've got to move the sending unit inside that, and the outer water separator. Connect the fuel lines to your new TITAN, install a forward tank mount, and bolt in the new tank. You don't need any modifications besides those. The whole process should take about 4 hours.

Here's a hot tip: make sure you empty out the original tank. Diesel has around the same kilogram weight as its volume. It'll make your job a lot easier if you don't have to lift that along with the tank. Either siphon it out or find something to do to run the tank empty. 

While TITAN does make it simple to install your own tank, we'd still recommend taking it to a professional. There's a lot less risk when you get someone who's experienced with this kind of thing.

Where Can I Buy A TITAN Fuel Tank?

Off Road Industries has a great range ofTITAN Fuel Tanks. Check them out in our online store today. Feel free to contact us if you need a bit of help choosing the one that's right for you. We're always keen to lend a hand and get you into an off-road vehicle that needs fewer pit stops than ever.