March 25, 2022 3 min read

Every truck is different, they come in all shapes and sizes. If you've got one, you can always change it up a little to make it more unique.  Lift kits and levelling kits are one great way to do that. But what's the difference?

Here's the short version:

  • Lift kits will raise both ends of your truck, increasing the height altogether. They do that by swapping out the strut for a new one or adding some spacers. 
  • Levelling kits only add height to the front end of your truck. This puts it on the same plane as the rear, which comes pre-raised from the factory.

Get the gist? No worries, go and check out ourRough Country range and find a lift or levelling kit that’s right for you. If you need more info, we'd encourage you to read on. We've got a much more detailed look into the finer points of lift and levelling kits. 

Lift Kits

A lift kit is a set of parts you can buy which will raise your car further from the ground. Companies can design a lift kit to suit most vehicles. They definitely come into their own when they're fitted on trucks and SUVs.

Lifting your truck gives you a huge boost when you're offroading. The extra height provides a massive increase in clearance. This means you can tackle tougher terrain, rougher ruts, and bigger boulders than ever. More lift also means you can add larger wheels. We could tell you that will improve your offroading (which it will) but for the most part? It makes your truck look better.

Lift kits come in two main types - body and suspension kits.

Body lift kits are easier than suspension lift kits. These involve removing the truck body from its frame and adding spacers. You reattach the body and the spacers keep some distance between it and the frame. This is where you get your lift. Body lift kits are cost-efficient, won't change the way you drive, and let you increase your tire/wheel size. The gap between the frame and body can be a problem though. It can look dodgy, and buying guards for it can be pricey. It's also important to realise that a body lift kit can only gain you about seven centimetres of height, max.

Suspension lift kits are trickier than body lift kits, but there are a bunch of benefits. They add height from the axle and wheels of the car. How you do this will change from truck to truck, and brand to brand. Suspension lift kits are always going to be more expensive, but it's worth it. You can raise your truck as high as you like, and your handling won't suffer for it. In fact, the extra suspension can actually improve performance. You do have to be aware that they can wear down over time, and you will be at a bit more risk of rolling your truck. You can get a stabiliser to rectify this, but that's an extra cost to keep in mind.

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Levelling Kits

Levelling kits can be more or less complicated than lift kits, depending on how you look at it. Here's the background: when you buy your truck, it's uneven. On purpose. The manufacturer raises the back higher than the front. This is so that when you tow something, the back ends up level with the front. We call the truck's height difference the 'rake'. 

That might sound complicated. This is where it gets simple: a levelling kit eliminates the rake. It makes the front the same height as the back. 

Why bother? Well, levelling your truck will mean a bit more clearance. It'll help you when you're offroading for the same reasons mentioned about lift kits. It'll mean you can get bigger wheels and tires.

Strut extension levelling kits tend to be the easiest to install. These are for trucks whose front suspension has a coilover strut. You slide spacers on either end of the struts in your vehicle and Bob's your uncle. Most strut extension levelling kits are adjustable, too. That way you can get the precise height you're after.

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Rough Country Lift Kits and Levelling Kits

Off Road Industries stocks a huge range ofRough Country products, including lift and levelling kits for heaps of trucks. Give our selection a browse and get in touch if you need a bit of advice. We’re happy to help anyone get the offroading ride of their dreams.