March 08, 2022 3 min read

Upgrading your vehicle's headlights can be more work than you think if you don't have all the information. This guide is here to help you choose the right LED Conversion for your car's headlights, as well as to give in-depth instructions on reflectors and projectors, kit installation, special adaptors, and LED globes. 

Things get complicated when there are so many different types of bulbs, sockets, holders, heat dissipation systems, housings, CANBUS modules, and so on. We will include all of the necessary steps in as basic a format as feasible in this guide. 

For most cars, we provide a vast selection ofpre-selectable kits

Let’s get into it!

Halogen vs LED

If you were to compare an LED conversation with a factory-fitted Halogen, it would show that the LED's light distance and flood gain are superior. 

With some current model vehicles still having halogen headlights, it's easy to see why a LED Headlight Conversation Kit has become people’s preference, as they provide a sharper view when driving without the need for LED Driving Lights. LEDs also have a lower current consumption and a significantly longer lifespan than halogen globes (50,000 hours is the standard). As a result of the extended lifespan, it's a decision you won't have to make again for a long time.

Projector vs reflector

Reflector and projector housing designs are the two housing styles found in headlights. These are easy to spot because projectors rarely have a high beam capacity. Thanks to an AR optical design that generates a clean and sharp light beam boundary line, our reflector series offers lights that allow you to illuminate the road without dazzling oncoming traffic. Our projector series offers the same waterproof rating and colour temperature but has no anti-glare beam design found in our reflector series.Our kits are packed with both for you to benefit from. 

Identifying your globe type

It's sometimes as simple as consulting the owner's manual to determine which globes your vehicle needs. It should (if you're lucky) include all of the globe types present throughout the vehicle, as well as the specification relating to halogen, wattage, and more. We've come across a few manuals that only indicate the wattage of the globe and not the type of fitting. This is true for halogen bulbs; however, it is not true for LED bulbs. Other options include looking for marks on the globe, connector plug, or the headlight unit itself.

Bulb holders / special adaptors

To position the globe in most European cars, many will use an adaptor/holder. This makes halogen installation and removal easier, but the LED-fitted heatsinks make fitting a little more complex or incompatible. This is where the special adaptors come in. The unique adaptors are most typically found in H7 and H1 globes, with most applications suited for low beam and only a few for high beam. These customised adaptors will fit underneath the H7/H1 collar, allowing you to avoid wearing the H7/H1 collar, which is only used for alignment. 


The installation of a retrofitted LED headlight conversion kit on some vehicles can be more complex than on others. The installation in these circumstances might be reasonably hard, with peculiar access to the back of the headlight and limited space within the engine. Our conversation kits have easy plug-and-play functionality, technical guidelines, and user manuals to make installation as simple as possible.

The installation of aftermarket LED light and/or light assembly conversions to a vehicle's dipped beam (low beam) circuit does not guarantee that they will meet the right performance criteria, which may render them non-compliant for road use. Fitting such lights or light assemblies to a vehicle is considered changing it from the manufacturer's standards, making it a modified car. Your vehicle must be checked to see if it meets Vehicle Standard requirements and/or is eligible for a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) Approval Certificate.

LED lights at Offroad Industries

Nothing beats having excellent stealth lighting on your truck, and we realise that at Offroad Industries. That's why we have a large selection of LED headlight conversion kits to get your vehicle looking good in terms of lighting. LED conversion kits are a great choice to upgrade your vehicle, so it looks its best and lights the road perfectly. Headhere to look through our LED headlight conversion kit collection.