Stealth Lighting HID Headlight Conversion Upgrades

A little bit of headlight history

In the 1990s, automakers worldwide began to phase out halogen headlights. HID lighting, a newer technology, produces a brighter, more focused beam of light than halogen lamps. LED light bulbs began to appear in new cars in the 2000s. These bulbs produce intense light instantly while using significantly less energy than halogen or HID lamps. As is the case with most things in the automotive world, it wasn't long before aftermarket businesses began selling kits to retrofit HID and LED headlights into older cars using halogen bulbs. 

Many people soon noticed that these new bulbs had the potential to improve driving safety, but many of the solutions now on the market aren't guaranteed to be safe. Many individuals are confused about the best replacement bulb for their car, how to install the bulbs, and which bulbs are best for their vehicle due to a lot of marketing hype utilising technical terms that are poorly described. In addition to making night-time driving riskier for you, poor quality or incorrect bulbs can disperse light and blind oncoming drivers, potentially resulting in head-on crashes.

Make the switch 

If you’re over your dull headlights and you want something brighter so you can see while you’re driving, our xenon headlights HID Kits are easy to install. Other benefits include:

  • They plug into the factory loom, so there are no modifications to the wiring. 
  • You can quickly revert back to your standard setup; all you do is remove the HID globe plug your Halogen factory globes in.
  • HID lights won't damage your reflector. They draw less wattage than your factory setup, thus having lower heat capacity.

Most of our kits come in 4300k, 6000k & 8000k. The difference between the colours can be seen below.

Choose Xenon headlights

The brilliant xenon stealth HID kit delivers great lighting with high-grade bulbs manufactured under a registered manufacturer and tight quality supervision. When compared to halogen bulbs, which give a very low beam of light, the 10,000K HID system, for example, provides three times more light for your vehicle. 

Offroad Industries Kelivin Scale

The fact that the xenon headlight kit is 100% waterproof means that you may submerge the entire kit in water, and it will still function properly. Stealth HID kits are the greatest option for both low and high-beam headlights.