May 16, 2024 3 min read

There are plenty of options when it comes to lifting your truck, but a few brands in particular stand out and are worthy of a closer look. One of them is Fox Suspension. This company's history goes back to 1974, and they’ve come a long way since their early days of dirt bike suspension. Now, you can get some of the most resilient, hard-wearing suspension and lift kits on the market for your truck. 

Read on to discover the history of this iconic brand, the benefits their range brings to your truck, and some of their best sellers. 


The Origins of Fox Suspension

Bob Fox, the founder ofFox Suspension, entered the industry in 1974 by creating his own motocross suspension. Shortly after, he and his brother launched commercially with an air shock absorber for motocross racing professionals. It wasn’t until 1978 that Fox Factory Inc. was established, and over the years, Fox gradually increased its range and design expertise. 

In 1980, Fox branched out into the automotive industry. Fox began creating suspension components for everything from off-road trucks to the Indy car and quad bikes and has been an unstoppable force ever since. Their products are still made in the United States today, with a focus on high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. 


The Benefits of Fox Suspension

There are a huge number of benefits of Fox Suspension and what it can do for your truck. Aside from giving your truck more elevation and ground clearance, Fox Suspension also craft suspension products that are tuned specifically for your truck’s build. They’re designed to deliver more comfort while driving with shock valves that’ll keep your vehicle steady, no matter the conditions. 

Their real strength lies in their off-road origins. They provide improved strength, putting more control in your hands, and they’re made to handle even the most challenging conditions and environments. Fox Suspension also offers higher-than-average elevation, with many of their kits offering two to three inches of extra ground clearance. 

The materials used are built for endurance and longevity. Aluminium is not only corrosion resistant, but it also dissipates heat more effectively. The lift kits are made with an internal floating piston to keep gas and oil separated. Built to be fully serviceable, Fox Suspension is a great investment. You can install their products in your truck knowing that if you ever run a part into disrepair, you can get it fixed and keep on driving. 

Built for professionals in off-roading, you can now get the same technology for your own vehicle. Whether it’s for work or play, you’ll notice the Fox difference right from the start. 


Our Top Fox Suspension Picks

Fox Suspension is American-made, and at Offroad Industries, we stock products for both of the biggest American-made trucks, includingChevrolet lift kits andRAM lift kits. You’ll also find options for Toyota, Jeep and Ford. Discover our top picks and upgrade your truck: 

DS Ram 1500 Fox 2 Inch Lift Kit 

One for the Ram drivers, theFox 2 Inch Lift Kit not only gives you an impressive 2 inches of height, but it’s also fixed with adjustable coil overs. This gives you the ability to finetune everything to your liking according to the conditions you drive in most often. Impressively built, it’ll help absorb impact as well as help your truck traverse whatever terrain you’re heading through. 

Ford F250/F350 Fox Factory Race Series 2.0 ATS Stabiliser 

From the Fox Race Series, theRace Series ATS Stabiliser delivers better steering stability and control for your Ford, even on rugged terrain. You’ll have a smoother drive with less vibration, and the damping this stabiliser offers is also adjustable. You can control and refine it according to your preferences and driving conditions, making it an incredibly versatile vehicle accessory. Whether you’re off-roading, towing heavy loads or just want more control, it’s a great piece of kit. 

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD/3500HD Fox Performance Elite 2.5DSC 

One for the Chevy owners, theFox Performance Elite 2.5 DSC suspension is an exceptional upgrade to deliver consistent reverberation damping even in harsh conditions. The system features a 2.5-inch diameter design that boosts off-road performance with a higher-than-average oil capacity for improved heat dissipation that’ll keep on working even in Australia’s extreme heat. It delivers everything you’d expect from Fox. More control and resilience off-road, delivering more comfort even when you’re roughing it. The shocks are perfectly matched with the BDS Control arms and blocks.


Upgrade With Fox Suspension at an ORI Authorised Installer 

Experience the excellence that over 40 years of experience can deliver by upgrading your truck with a Fox Suspension system. Order today from Offroad Industries and install at home, or take your truck to one of ourauthorised installers