September 20, 2022 3 min read

There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect weekend 4x4 adventure, and there’s a lot that goes into keeping it going. That’s where we come in. 

Here at Offroad Industries, we want to make sure your ideal weekend doesn’t go lacking. We’ve made a list to make sure you have the best tools for your kit, period.

Man driving a 4 wheel drive

Factor 55 Hawse Offset Fairlead

When choosing a fairlead you want to ensure you choose one of quality so it supports the entire system. With theFactor 55 offset fairlead, you aren’t just accessorizing - you are investing in a safe and reliable piece of kit that won’t let you down when you’re in a pinch. As an industry leader in offroad accessories, Factor 55 provides a fairlead that gives more than ample support for your winch rope. This reduces friction and extends the overall lifespan of the rope. The key to all this? It’s the type III hard anodised coating used to finish the product. No frills or fuss here. Just a high-end product that’s built to last.

Factory 55 Pro Link Winch Shackle Recovery Hook

We all love going off-road to get away from it all. Trouble is when you are away from it all, you’re a long way from help if you get stuck. That’s where theFactor 55 Prolink Winch Shackle Recovery Hook comes in. This recovery hook is packed with features designed to inspire confidence. So you can go wherever your 4x4 can take you, and then get out of the places it can’t. This hook’s durable build and colourful options push it to the industry standard of quality hooks for your 4x4. This lightweight, 23-ounce stalwart of a hook comes with EPDM rubber guards that protect your fairleads.  It stows away perfectly with either an offset fairlead or a hawse winch fairlead by seamlessly blending in with your 4x4. As a screw pin hook, it’s about 5 times stronger than a conventional model, and with its easy install guarantee, you can worry less and drive more.

Factor 55 Extreme Duty Soft Shackle (10” & 20”)

Looking for a lightweight addition to complement your regular old screw pin? TheFactor 55 Extreme Duty Soft Shackle might be just what you need. This soft shackle can seriously haul, here are the facts. The shackle’s working load limit (WLL) is 8,700 pounds (3946kgs). For context, the J300 series Landcruiser weighs 2,645kg. So you could lift one of those straight up off the ground with over a tonne to spare.Also, if your screw pins are prone to corrosion - you can forget about that in future. These are robust polyester plasma ropes with a woven polyester jacket, coated with Fiber Lock. Consider pairing this with one of our prolink winch shackle recovery hooks to create the perfect set-up for your off-roading experience!

Factor 55 Ultimate Recovery Bag

Extreme drives don’t have to be an extreme mess. Years' worth of collected gear needs a proper place for storage. In steps theFactor 55 Recovery Bag. This is a great way to tidy up your spare ropes, winch hooks and fairleads. This rugged pack has a durable orange lining that gives you that pop of colour to go with its functional purpose. Whether you want to chuck in some Factor 55 winch recovery hooks, soft shackles or spare hitch pins, this bag has you covered. The recovery bag is peppered with seven interior stash pockets for all those little stowaways. The cherry on top is the waxed canvas exterior that gives the bag a raw, heavy-duty feel.

Factor 55 Strap Wraps

A great way to stow away your extra ropes and cables in your recovery bag would be withFactor 55 Strap Wraps. Able to wrap around things that are 8 inches and upwards, it’s a wonderful accessory to help your keep your 4x4 neat and your gear well protected. The Factor 55 Strap Wraps come with a hook that allows you to secure gear in various sizes. Factor 55 products are built to last - these straps are an investment in keeping your fairleads, winch hooks, and ropes in place.

Keep your journey moving with Factor 55 gear. Made in the USA and built to stand the test of time. See you on the tracks.