May 26, 2022 3 min read

The Chevy Silverado Trail Boss is an absolute beast of a truck. It comes that way straight off the factory floor, but you can enhance it withTrail Boss accessories. We love truck mods. They give you some extra flexibility with your ride and add to its many uses. One of the best Chevy Silverado Trail Boss accessories you can buy is a suspension lift kit. We're going to go through some of the reasons why you should get one of these to upgrade your Chevy.

Suspension Lift Kits: What Are They?

In short, a lift kit is a mod that you can add to your Chevy which will increase its height. It'll give you a few extra inches of clearance off the ground. With that added height, it'll be better at off-roading because it can avoid obstacles with a bit more ease. A lift kit will also increase the steepness of your approach. Not only that, you'll be able to fit larger tyres and wheels to your truck once it's lifted. 

When you buy a kit, you're buying all the parts you need to lift a specific model. In this case, the lift kits we're talking about are full of Chevy Trail Boss accessories. For example, theRough Country 3.5" Suspension kit contains two 3.5" lift front struts, two V2 monotube rear shocks, forged upper control arms, mounting hardware, and U-bolts. That's everything you'll need to give your Chevy an extra three and a half inches of clearance.

7 Benefits of Adding Suspension to Your Chevy Trail Boss

There is a tonne of ways you can benefit from making use of Chevy Silverado Trail Boss accessories like a suspension kit. 

First, foremost, and most obviously, a lift kit gives you increased clearance. Putting extra distance between the road and your truck's undercarriage is a huge safety advantage. This will come in handy whether you're off-roading or driving over dodgy streets. Throw in some upgrades to your suspension or shocks, and you'll be laughing. 

Having some more height on your Chevy lets you tackle tougher terrain, too. If you want to take on steep hills, dunes, or drive through a river, you'll want all the height you can get. A lifted Chevy will have better traction and can make use of larger wheels. You can push the limits of your truck this way, and really find out what it's capable of.

If you've got a bunch of cargo in the back, you'll notice that a lift kit will help you even out your load. When you're driving somewhere rough, you'll find that you're much comfier than before. That's even if your tray is chock full of gear. 

One thing that not a lot of people consider is how much extra visibility a lift kit can give you. Being a few extra inches above the fray in congested traffic is very handy. It's even more useful when you've gone bush. Catching sight of a hazard a moment earlier than usual might be the difference between having an accident and stopping in time. On a more positive note, you'll also be the first to see any beautiful scenery you come across, and from a better vantage point too.

Installing a lift kit will allow you to get under your truck more easily, if and when you need to. Bit claustrophobic? A lift kit will help with that. Next time you need to get under your truck to install some other Chevy Silverado Trail Boss accessories, your lift kit will have made that a much better experience for you.

One of the best things about a lift kit is that they let you chuck bigger tyres on your truck. Bigger tyres, better performance. Suspension from the factory confines you to narrow wheels, and they might not cut it if you find yourself bogged. Putting some bigger tyres on your Chevy will ensure you're prepped no matter what the terrain throws at you. Once it's lifted, you'll be able to handle rocks, snow, mud, you name it. 

Lastly, a lift kit will make it easier to tow things. Because it increases performance and mobility across the board, this naturally applies to towing as well. Thanks to the extra suspension, your truck will be able to squat down a bit better without grazing the surface you're driving on. 

Where To Buy Chevy Silverado Trail Boss Accessories

So there you have it, a bunch of reasons why you should think about chucking a suspension kit on your Trail Boss. If you’re interested, check out the range ofChevy Silverado Trail Boss accessories at Off Road Industries. We’ve got everything you need to improve your off-roading experience.