April 20, 2023 4 min read

Offroad Industries is a proud Australian stockist of Factor 55. In the four-wheel drive industry, there are so many different brands all vying for the top spot within their respective niche. Whether it's suspension parts, lighting or winch accessories – there's competition in all of them. So when you see a brand like Factor 55, known widely as a market leader in winch accessories, you know it wasn't easy to get there.

The importance of the product that Factor 55 provides cannot be understated. The fact of the matter is that you never need a dependable winch setup until you really need a dependable winch setup. Knowing that you have the equipment to get out of trouble makes it much easier to enjoy getting into trouble. This is where the value of Factor 55 Winch hooks really shines through – because they won't fail at the same point when all others will.

This post is all about Factor 55 and some of their best-sellers on the Offroad Industries website.

Factor 55 Ultrahook

Marketed as the world's safest winch hook, the Factor 55 Ultrahook is the cream of the crop – and it's easy to see why. 

The Factor 55 Ultrahook uses a Closed System Shackle Mount (their own patent) that is designed to fix the main issue with normal winch hooks. The issue we're talking about is when the rope is under extreme loads and angles - causing it to slip on the winch hook – causing the rope to press on the clasp of the hook and leading to failure. 

Plenty of efforts have been made to strengthen the clasp and make it more robust, but it's just not really possible to make it as strong as the rest of the hook. So Factor 55 got their thinking hats on and changed the design altogether. What you're left with is a winch hook made from precision CNC machined 7000 series military-grade aluminium, with a 6AI-4V grade V titanium double shear pin. So it’s fair to say, this is some pretty good kit. With a max-rated load of just over 7 tonnes, you'll be able to recover any 4x4 (or rather large adult elephant) with ease, no matter what angle you're pulling from. 

Factor 55 Hitchlink

Next on this list is Factor 55's king of simplicity and reliability – the Factor 55 hitchlink. The Hitchlink 2.0 Reciever Shackle Mount is a no-nonsense kind of recovery option. 

It's dead easy to use, and with an ultimate failure rating of 23 tonnes, you can be sure that it will do the job when you need it to. This effectively means that something else is almost guaranteed to break before your hitchlink does. The great thing about this is that because the hitchlink is so simple in design, there's hardly anything on it that can break or go wrong. No frills here, just pure recovery potential. 

As with all Factor 55 items, this is a quality product, first designed and manufactured in the United States and then shipped to us folks out here in Australia. This particular example is made from precision-machined 6000 series aluminium and is an affordable and effective tool, making it a great buy for 4x4 enthusiasts everywhere.

Factor 55 Hawse Winch Fairlead Billet

As a producer of such a wide range of winching accessories, it only makes sense that Factor 55 has gone and created a top-notch fairlead to add to your recovery arsenal. 

One of the most tricky recoveries to pull off is whenever you need to pull at acute angles relative to the winching vehicle. These situations can come up for a variety of reasons, but they're rarely good. In those situations, the loads being placed on the rope, the winch and the fairlead are very high and can often lead to failures. The hawse winch fairlead from Factor 55 is one of the best ways to fight against those failures. 

With the 1.0 and 1.5 fairleads coming in at 1 and 1.5 inches thick, respectively, this makes the Factor 55 Hawse Fairleads double the industry-wide standard of .75 inches thick. The thickness of the bar means that it has a ‘larger outer fillet radius’. In layman's terms, this means the rope won’t be under as much strain when being pulled at tight angles as it would be with a thinner fairlead.

Factor 55 Borah Vehicle Recovery Kit | Ultimate Recovery Kit

The last item on this list gets a mention because it's a no-brainer addition to any serious 4x4 driver's recovery kit. In fact, it's really the only recovery kit you'll probably ever need. If you've got old or average-quality gear, or if you're new to 4x4 recovery and simply want to buy all the best equipment in one go, this is the recovery kit for you. Check out the list of inclusions for an idea of how comprehensive this recovery kit is. This is one of the best sellers on the Offroad Industries website for a good reason. 

So if you want to rely on the highest quality design, materials and craftsmanship to get you out of a sticky situation, Factor 55 is the brand to go with. And Offroad Industries is the place to get it. Check out the full Factor 55 range today.