Addictive Desert Designs 2021-2024 FORD F-150 HONEYBADGER FRONT BUMPER W/ TOP HOOP


Addoffroad Honey Badger Bar with hoop Ford F150 - 21- 24

The Addictive Desert Designs HoneyBadger Front Bumper has been newly redesigned to maintain its rugged style, while now offering a low-profile fitment. With the option of a top hoop, this bumper allows for the mounting of a 30" radius light bar on top. In addition, a straight 20" light bar can be found at the center of the bumper, and two cube lights can be easily mounted behind the side panels. This bumper is perfect for those seeking a powerful and versatile off-roading experience.

Note: There is 8 - 10 week lead time for these bars.

Addoffroad Ford F150 21 - 23 Honey Badge Front Bar

Experience the ultimate combination of style and functionality with the HoneyBadger front bumper for the 2021-2023 Ford F-150. Designed to follow the bodylines flawlessly, this aftermarket addition in hammer black powder coat and satin black panels will make your truck stand out while retaining vital OEM features like parking sensors and tow hooks. And the best part? Made in America and fully bolt-on for your convenience. Don't settle for less, elevate your F-150 with the HoneyBadger today!


  • Modern plate steel design fits tight to front of truck
  • 20" Straight LED mount in center
  • 30" RDS LED Mount on top of bumper
  • One cube light mount behind each side panel
  • Works with sensor and non-sensor trucks
  • Retains OEM tow hooks
  • Made in America


  • Retains Adaptive Cruise Control with @Addoffroad Relocation Kit, required for all Lariat Vehicles.
  • Fits sensor and non-sensor trucks
  • Top Hoop
  • Hammer black powder coat finish
  • Satin black powder coat panel finish
  • Mount for 20" light bar in center
  • Mount for 30" radius light bar on top
  • Mount for cube lights on sides