May 04, 2022 4 min read

Driving an off-road vehicle is an incredibly freeing experience. Sometimes the only limitation is your fuel capacity, andTITAN fuel tanks are designed to change that. An extra large fuel tank gives you the freedom to go further for longer. It lets you explore more and take your family on bigger and better adventures. 

TITAN fuel tanks are manufactured in the United States of America, and they come fully equipped with the level of confidence you’d expect from ‘The Greatest Country on Earth’. TITAN produce the only cross-linked polymer fuel tanks in the US market. TITAN fuel tanks are so tough that they come with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that TITAN back the quality of their product. 

Read this short guide to find out why you should get yourself a TITAN fuel tank. We’ll also answer a couple of frequently asked questions about TITAN fuel tanks. 

Why Should I Get A TITAN Fuel Tank?

There are plenty of good reasons why you should get a TITAN fuel tank. A lot of them are due to the fact that they aren’t metal. They’re made of military grade cross-linked polymer, and that means they don’t delaminate like a metal tank would. They also don’t corrode in the presence of biodiesel like steel tanks can. TITAN fuel tanks don’t have any problems with condensation, which metal tanks have because of the way they heat up and cool down. A TITAN fuel tank also doesn’t have any welds that are liable to crack when you get a bit rough with them. They’re quieter than metal tanks, and lighter too. Most TITAN fuel tank models are also made to fit into places that a metal tank could never fit. 

All of this means that TITAN fuel tanks are better than metal fuel tanks by basically every metric. They have a longer lifetime, and that lifetime is higher quality. They might cost a bit more up front, but they’ll save you money in the long term. You’ll save on maintenance and get many more years out of your TITAN fuel tank than you would a metal one.

How Much Will A TITAN Fuel Tank Extend My Range?

If you’ve got an extended cab truck, like a Chevy 2500, you can expect a 65-90% increase in fuel capacity with a TITAN fuel tank. We can’t speak to your exact fuel efficiency, but your range will extend correspondingly. ATITAN fuel tank for a Chevy 2500 provides an extra 75 litres of fuel capacity. Just think about how much extra driving you could get done with seventy-five more litres of diesel on board. Would definitely save you in a pinch.

Will My Fuel Gauge Be Accurate With A TITAN Fuel Tank?

If you’ve got an analog fuel gauge, then yes. It’ll work exactly the same with a TITAN fuel tank as it did with your stock tank. If you’ve got a Driver Information Computer, however, it will not be accurate. Don’t stress though, this is fixable. Get in touch with Off Road Industries or TITAN customer service and they will gladly point you in the direction of some advice. Chances are your local dealer will be able to adjust it for you, or you’ll be able to access an aftermarket tuning device. 

Are TITAN Fuel Tanks Compatible With Gasoline Trucks?

While TITAN does offer two products that are compatible with gasoline-powered trucks, Off Road Industries only stocks TITAN products that service diesel engines at present. We have long-range TITAN fuel tanks for the Chevy 2500, the RAM 2500, and the Ford F250. Get in touch with us if you have any enquiries about TITAN fuel tanks for gasoline powered vehicles. We can try to direct you to the appropriate channels. 

How Much Does A TITAN Fuel Tank Weigh?

A TITAN fuel tank for a short-bed truck weighs about 20 kilograms. The long-bed tanks only way a few kilos more than that, somewhere around 22kg. An in-bed tank from TITAN weighs about 23kg. TITAN fuel tanks are incredibly lightweight, and when you take into account the extra weight of the fuel you can now carry, it all just about evens out to the same weight as a metal tank.

Are TITAN Fuel Tanks Hard To Install?

Short answer? No. They make it as easy as possible to install a TITAN fuel tank. All the necessary parts and instructions are included. Regardless, we would recommend getting your new fuel tank installed by a professional, for safety’s sake. Installation means removing the old tank, moving the sending unit to the new tank, detaching and reattaching fuel lines, and bolting in your TITAN fuel tank. It tends to take between two and four hours, but we’ve seen TITAN fuel tanks installed in around forty-five minutes. 

Where Can I Get A TITAN Fuel Tank?

If you’re ready to extend the range on your truck and save money over the lifetime of your fuel tank, check out Off Road Industries’ range ofTITAN fuel tanks. We have a decade of experience in sourcing outstanding overseas automotive accessories for our Australian customers and have never wavered from our core value of offering products that enhance the endurance, safety and appearance of vehicles. Get in touch today.