January 12, 2023 4 min read

What do you think of when you hear 'Chevrolet'? It's a big name, famous for making big cars with big clearance riding atop big wheels. It's a loved and storied brand that is as equally well known in the 4x4 truck game as it is in the worlds of muscle cars, NASCAR, and now even in the niche but highly glamorised segment of mid-engined sports cars (see the Corvette C8). Chevy has survived several global financial crises, two world wars and even, dare I say it, the electric car revolution – all while amassing over 100 years of automotive design and manufacturing experience. So it's fair to say they know how to build a car. 

But for those of us who know that anything can be improved upon – and who have the will to do it – there is a whole raft of upgrades available for these great vehicles. Whether you're looking to make it more powerful, more rugged, more useable or more 'go-anywhere-able' (yes, we made that up) then you're in exactly the right place. Read on to know our top 5 upgrades you can make to your Chevy.

Get an electric roller shutter

While not necessarily a Chevy issue alone, we think it's fair to say that if there was anything we could point to on a Chevrolet truck (and on most trucks in showroom condition) it would be the OEM tub cover that they supply. These are usually nothing more than some stretched canvas atop four or five crossbeams and voila, you have a cover. But if you're looking to put anything of value in your tub, then getting a properelectric roller shutter with all of the associated bells and whistles is the way to go. These will keep anything in your trunk dry, safe from prying eyes and most importantly, safe from prying hands. They're relatively low effort to set up and can be done either by yourself or with a professional.

Upgrade your suspension

Next on the shopping list is the suspension. Let's take the Chevrolet Silverado as an example for this one. These trucks are built in America and they do American roads very well. Unsealed roads, gravel, some slightly rougher hilly stuff – all great. But this is Australia, and this country is home to roads that would make most American cars weep silent tears. This is where Offroad Industries comes in. Chevy's are long, wide and tall but much of that height comes from the cabin itself. This means that compared to other 4x4's their ground clearance and that length can really do with a boost if you want to take yours to some serious terrain. Alift kit is an excellent way to go about this, Offroad Industries stock Rough Country suspension, King Shocks, Fox Shocks and are able to suggest a product to suit your needs. Stocking suspension from 2" to 6" of lift kits. One of the key items to upgrade on your chevy is a set of aftermarket control arms will truly Australia-proof your Chevy. There are plenty of options available on this front, as Offroad Industries stocks suspension kits fromRough Country UCA,Baja Kits andElement Hard Parts.

Add Stealth LED light options

A general upgrade that's great for any 4x4 vehicle (not just Chevrolets) is to add a range of aftermarket lighting options to your ride. This has a number of benefits – the first being that you can go harder for longer as you'll have better visibility in dark or low-light conditions. Secondly, it looks great. Offroad Industries stocks a wide range of lighting options from Stealth Lighting – a market leader in 4x4 lighting products. You can go with anLED headlight conversion kit or anLED light bar (a variety of sizes are available). These are fantastic ways to show off your truck's new look while also giving it a clear purpose beyond the OEM grocery-getter style. You can even get creative with the colours and mounts to really make your Chevrolet stand out from the rest.

Protect your wheels with Bushwacker flares

Off-roading is a messy sport, we all know this. Mud, dirt, stones and various types of tree matter are being hurled up by the A/T tyres constantly. The trouble starts when all of those items start getting up passed the wheel arches and start scratching or denting the panels above. Fitting your vehicle with a set ofextended flares gives your paint job and panels the protection that they need, with the added benefit of allowing you to drive without inhibition and worry that you're going to do damage. Also for what it's worth, flared arches are undoubtedly one of the best visual mods if you're looking to turn your 4x4 into something resembling a mountain-crushing behemoth.

Tweak your onboard computer

This one is for those looking to eek out that extra bit of performance from their Chevy, but also for those who want to have more control over each of the specific features of their vehicle. ThePULSAR modules from Offroad Industries allow you to change things like the throttle sensitivity, rev limiter, gear ratios and re-program tyre pressure sensors. The pulsar unit also disengages the DFM which reduce's the case of lifter failures. As an additional benefit, if you’re looking to put larger-diameter tyres on your Chevy, these modules are able to reprogram the onboard computer to account for this. Overall a great way to get the most out of your truck.

For all your Chevrolet needs, you don't need to look any further than Offroad Industries.