Windboosters Electronic Throttle Controllers


Key benefits of the WindBooster Electronic Throttle Controller:

  • Windbooster controller  module transforms your vehicles drivability.
  • Responsive acceleration to suit various customers needs.
  • Reduces the latency / Lag on late model Turbo diesel & Petrol Vehicles.
  • Great benefits when towing, will hold the appropriate gear in automatic transmissions rather than having harsh kick down.
  • Suits both Manual and Automatic transmission vehicles.
  • Windboosters technology does not adjust fuel pressure, boost pressure or increase power of the engine management system.
  • No External power supply required, Plug and Play into your existing accelerator pedal, the throttle controller acts as an adaptor between the factory wiring plug and wiring loom.
  • 24 Month Australian warranty from Offroad Industries, you will deal directly with us and not an overseas agent.
  • Fitting is extremely straightforward, as its plug and play the most difficult aspect is where to mount your controller module.
  • Offroad Industries offer a full TAX Invoice on this product.
  • Offroad Industries uses Toll DX Express.

Throttle Controller Different Settings

Racing Mode P3

  • P3 is the racing mode. The throttle response sensitivity is 50% faster than P2 mode.

Note:  It has 10 sections to be adjusted in racing mode P3, and the athletic effect is much stronger than P1 mode.

 Ultra Sports Mode P2

  • By speeding up the throttle's response speed to advancing the instantaneous accelerating performance and explosive force. The vehicle speed bowed, doubled enjoyment in driving.

Note:  It has 10 sections to be adjusted in ultra sport modeP2, and the athletic effect is much stronger than P1 mode.  

 Standard Sport Mode P1

  • By speeding up the throttle response speed to advance the instantaneous accelerating performance and explosive force. The Vehicle speed bowed, doubled enjoyment in driving .

Note:  It  has 10 sections to be adjusted in motion mode P1, and the athletic effect is much weaker than P2 mode

 Fuel-efficient ModeECO

  • Eco model is fuel-efficient mode, this model can save fuel, but throttle's response speed reduce somewhat than the Car max, by plus, minus button to adjust the sensitivity in this mode, until reaching appropriate value you think.

Note: ECO fuel-saving mode has 10 stages adjustable.

 Normal mode/Standard mode

  • Restoring the factory settings, reaching a balance between movements and comfort by delaying the throttle's response speed, making the vehicle ride comfort, environmental protection.

Windbooster Throttle Review's

Offroad Industries have tested a range of the Windbooster Throttle controllers on a variety of vehicles, from standard to modified vehicles with performance chips with range of a success.

2011 Toyota Hilux SR5 Turbo Diesel Automatic (2" Lift, 33" Tyres Full Bar Work & Performance Chip)

  • The Toyota Hilux was fitted with a performance chip to help with the larger tyres, the performance chip increased the power and returned fuel economy however still retained the sluggish feel from the four speed automatic transmission. Once the Windbooster chip was fitted it transformed the vehicle, it became a punchy quick to accelerate vehicle.

2014 Ford Ranger PX Wildtrak (Brand new & Standard)

  • For brand new vehicle, the Automatic transmission felt sluggish on take off, fitting the control on sports mode made the vehicle come alive, on the race mode setting with full acceleration track control kicked in on the vehicle.

2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series V8 Turbo Diesel Auto ( 33" Tyres Front and Rear Bars)

  • For such large vehicle they have enormous amount of torque, once the larger tyres were fitted the vehicle lost a small amount pick up, the difference was noticed more when towing. On the sports mode setting the automatic transmission accelerated smoothly.